Jolida JD 100 PC suggestions

Any suggestions for powercords for the Jolida CDP (mine has "level 1 mods")? Lots of comments on the many threads on this player to the effect that the PC makes a difference, but relatively few specific suggestions. The VH Audio Flavor 4 comes up; is that a good way to go, or do people have better ideas (esp. around that price point)?


JPS labs - no doubt. It is amazing in general but on the Jolida it has synergy.
For the price I like the PS Audio cords.
I like my Signal Audio Magic Digital PC.
High jmd: you're going to get as many opinions for a PC as there are people willing to answer your question. I've had the JD 100 Level 1 mod for about 1.5 years and tried different cords. Right now I use the inexpensive Supra Lo Rad cord and it sounds good. Are you using a power conditioner with your cdp? Be careful- the one I've used the past 2 years (I won't name any names) was taking some of the livliness out of my music without me realizing it. With the JD100 you will want to have the optimum setup to keep it lively. I also recommend Herbies Halo tube dampers.
Thanks, folks. All good suggestions; I'll probably try first whatever comes up reasonably, used.

"I like my Signal Audio Magic Digital PC." means the digital cable from Frank's "Signal Cable"? I have his SC and ICs already, like the SCs quite well.

Foster_9: Thanks for the suggestions. I gather one removes the stock tube covers when using the dampers? Btw, I do not powercondition, though I do run a dedicated circuit with cryo'd unplated hubbels from cryoparts. No idea whether this makes a difference, but I needed more outlets!


John, it is Frank's Magic Power Digital Reference power cord.

I use the flavor 4 on my mod1 with good results. It really comes down to what type of sound you prefer. Remember tubes, pc cords and ic's blend, so my suggestion is experiment!!!
Buy a cheap cord with the long term intention of upgrading the cd player. The CD-100 is a competent albeit unremarkable player that will inevitably have you realize its'limitations, tube rolling notwithstanding.
Audiofeil: Well, since you mention it . . . In addition to the Jolida, I use an Odessey Stratos Dual Mono Extreme, Marsh 2000b pre, and am in the process of putting together North Creek Eskas (listening room = living room; Eskas designed for near front wall in smallish rooms). I expect the CDP might be the most natural upgrade, finances and inclination permitting. I'm guessing I'd want to stay under 2k (used is fine), given the surrounding gear. Suggestions?

Electrocompaniet, Consonance Droplet (prices are dropping), Cary 303/300 (tube and solid state outputs) or Cary 308T. Another option, get a DAC like the Monarchy M24 and use the Jolida as a transport.
There are a lot of nice machines in the 2K range. If it were me, I would look for a newer used model from an established Audiogoner with good feedback. Most of these units are for sale because the owner is upgrading. Look for Ayre, Wadia, Cary, Musical Fidelity, Naim, etc.

Lastly, if you are willing to wait a little and save some extra money for something in the 3K range, this opens up many more options and IMO will offer you much much more.

Good luck.
I also use the Supra Lo rad. I was using the Signal Cable digital PC. I like the detail of the Supra.