Jolida JD-100 and Tube Dampeners

I am purchasing a JD-100, and would like to know if you can use tube dampeners on the unit (such as the HAL-Os, Pearl Tube coolers, etc.). I can't tell from the pictures of the units. Your feedback is appreciated. Dealers, please feel free to chime in, too.
the stock unit contains metal tube shields that are spring-loaded for dampening and attach with a bayonet mount. on my modded player, they are too difficult to remove and replace due to the larger caps, so i use a pair of hal-o dampeners to good effect. you really don't need tube coolers per se as they operate at a relatively low temp and the chassis is vented above them.
Just closing this post. I purchased and now use the Hal-O dampeners. Absolutely no microphonics w/the tubes (5751s) I'm using. Thanks for your help.