jolida jd 100 and rca command 5751

I replaced the stock chinese tubes in the jolida cdp with the above mentioned tubes(rca command 5751). I was expecting to hear a substantial difference but I have not so far. Has anybody tried these tubes with the jolida and what was the result.My system consist of ascend cbm 170 speakers,nad c320 bee integrated amp.
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Your associated gear is limiting the effect you will hear by rolling tubes in the Jolida. No disrespect. It's just the way it works.

As any system moves toward higher end gear, the system's ability to resolve detail that which would be heard by rolling tubes.

The audible effects of all tweaks, including interconnects, speaker cabling, power cords and isolation, will be difficult to discern.

It's probable that you will hear differences by rolling tubes, but the differences will be less obvious as they would be with different electronics and/or speakers.
Personally, I don't always see a need to use a 5751. It may handle more voltage but, unless your amp can utilize the current, your money may be better spent on nice telefunken 12ax7's.
Have to agree with Elevick,not all preamps like 5751 tubes. I tried a few my self due to all the hype I had read about the 5751 ( Joes' tube lore on audio asylum ).I tried the GE jg5751 Black plates and the RCA 5751 b/plates and found them to mask the midrange, and the dynamics weren't all that great. Just my system ? Maybe ? I would try Telefunken or Tungsram or Amperex Bugle Boy 12ax7 .Anyone of those 3 will do very well. The Amperex Bugle Boy is more organic than the Tele or Tungsram . The Tungsram ( to me )is even better than the Telefunken...Just my 2 cents.Hope it helps....
I am using the 5751 in my VTL 7.5 Sylvania Golds. I prefered them to the Early Mullards. All the body but more definition. Not a huge difference, but enough to make me prefer the 5751. I will add that the 5751 in my system was less mushy. I also switched to Telefunken 801s in my amps. I prefered my Siemens to the Telefnkens. I tried 2 different pairs of telefunkens, both highly rated. I still prefered the Siemens. It is a listening game. If you can't hear the difference save the money. I have found on many a "supposed" upgrade not be worthwhile. I could not hear the difference. I just moved on & remained happy.

Some good examples, I tried the Boston Audio Record Mat. I prefered the record directly on the platter. I tried isolation feet of different sorts under my SACD converter (not transport) and found that they muddied the sound or did nothing. Let us know what you find when you try some other tubes.
I have given the rca command some 50 hrs or so burn in time and have noticed improved sound in both depth and details. Despite this I succumbed to the urge of trying other tubes, not nos this time and see how they compare. I have just placed an order for eh gold pin 12ax7eh. I have heard good stuff regarding these in this player. Has anybody else compared these 2 tubes(rca command 5751 vs. eh gold pins 12ax7)?
I've tried the EH 12ax7 you mentioned in my Thor T1000mk2 and found their were much too laid back and dark for me.I honestly can't find a better ( neutral ) 12ax7/5751 for my ( tried many ) system than the Svetlana 12ax7 ( winged C ). I have tried NOS- Tungsram,Mullard,Telefunken,Ge. New Sovtek (all ),JJ, and others I am sure I have forgotten but always come back to Svetlana ( winged c ) . It seems in my system its the best/neutral and natural all around 12ax7 tube with the least amount of flaws....Go figure !
I finally got the eh 12ax7eh gold pins and allowed at least 50 hrs burn in time to judge them. I thought they definitely sounded better than the stock chinese tubes the jolida came with but not superior to the rca 5751 command in terms of smoothness and depth. The rca's are still to my taste getting better and better each time I listen to them, so they are the keepers for now.