Jolida Fx10

Last week I purchased the Jolida FX10, not knowing what to expect I was skeptical that this 10wpc integrated tube amp was going to sound so superb. I paired the amp with PSB B25 speakers rated at 91bd efficiency and I wow the sound is practically magical. What a nice little amp and for the price of under $500 wow, great deal!
They generate a lot of heat. I think the glass enclosures look nice (you may think otherwise) but they do mitigate the risk of inadvertent fingertip burns. I have small kids so I think about thinks like that.
The Jolida Fx10 is compact, good looking, affordable and great sounding. There are some overheat issues with some of them, but you can use chill mats or some extra fans.
I'm really enjoying the FX10 and the only thing that has bugged me was that the blue LEDs under all the tubes seemed incredibly bright, overwhelming the real glow of the tubes with an unnatural electric blue color and really lighting up the room.

I pulled all the tubes and put two coats of deep red fingernail polish on the tip of each LED in the recessed center of the tube socket. Worked perfectly. It cut down the brightness by about 2/3 so that it matches the orange tube glow much better and changed the color to a soft bluish-purple that looks very much like the glow you get with some tubes.

If you try it, make sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the second or it will turn into a sticky mess, a lesson I learned with doing the same thing to a Peachtree Decco.
It was perhaps the best sound value I heard today at Capital Audio Fest. Very nice looking unit and the sound on small Nola speakers caught a lot of ears! I am tempted to try one in my second system.