Jolida Fx10

Last week I purchased the Jolida FX10, not knowing what to expect I was skeptical that this 10wpc integrated tube amp was going to sound so superb. I paired the amp with PSB B25 speakers rated at 91bd efficiency and I wow the sound is practically magical. What a nice little amp and for the price of under $500 wow, great deal!
I have one. Amazing sound other than, say, below 60Hz where it kind of flattens out a bit, and it looks absolutely stunning. I would think a tube upgrade would take it up even another notch.
I agree. I have one driving a pair of JohnBlue JB3 single-driver speakers in an office nearfield setup and the combination is really exceptional, especially considering the cost and size of the gear.

I'm curious, I bought mine used and it came with Electro-Harmonix tubes. Are those the stock tubes?
can anyone give me the dimensions of this integrated. assume you dont have to use the glass enclosure. would need ht height especially with and without glass . need to get it into a tight fitting area if possible .plan on using with Omega speakers.