jolida fx10

Hi there
I'm new to audiogon,for.a long
Timd I,ve been wamting
A tube amp,my nad has served me well
Over the years but its getting old
I,ve been considering jolida fx 10 my speakers are the paradigm atom v.5 and are 8 ohm with sensativity at 90db so there should be no problums. With the jolidadriving them if also have been thinking of jolida,s 301rc buti its a hybrid so I'm. Also wondering if a lot of the tube magic is lost in a hybrid amp I'm. Not a head banger ,what's your thaghts

fx10 should sound very good with your speakers and is a great value. I love the look/aesthetics also. kind of like a poor man's VAC Phi Beta
Agree with Mapman, read my comments in thread above.
Do not get the hybrid. A totally different animal.

The FX10 only puts out 10wpc, so I think it might be marginal at 90db. Maybe others will dissagree. I used an 8wpc 300b amp with 92 db 8ohm speakers (Reference 3a de Capos) and had it clip at higher volume levels in a 12x12 room.
You'd get more power and better sound for not so much more with the Jolida 102B.
If it's a "desktop" setup it maybe makes sense, but a used (or even new) tube integrated with more watts per side (like a Jolida or Primaluna something or other) can be relatively inexpensive, sound similar, and allows you to get some real juice going in case you get larger speakers, a larger room, plan to get drunk, or want to dance (any of which usually require more than 10 watts). I read review after review of low wattage amps and they usually say the same thing: Something like "it sounds good but runs out of gas" in anything other than super efficient speakers. Kind of like buying a Porsche with a 37 hp engine...handles great but won't go up a hill.
Agree with Lars. Or you could consider a rebuilt vintage EL84 amplifier. In any case, the EL84 is a great tube!