Jolida FX DAC Mini

Category: Digital

Hey guys,

Just wanted to throw out a product I've been using for about 10 months, that I really enjoy. It is the new portable, USB powered DAC from Jolida. I bought it from Audio Video Choices in Phoenix - great stereo nerds. :-)

Anyways, it's my first external DAC, so I don't really have a technical review...but I will say that the sound quality over my Mac's internal DAC is night and day. I use it in my office, and when I travel. It's surely not audiophile grade...but for $110 bucks...I highly recommend checking it out. Way cheaper than the DevilSound DAC. Jolida is supposed to be releasing a tube version this fall, so I will update when that comes out and I can compare them.


Here is the info I found on a web search:

FX DAC Mini: A New addition to the Glass FX series: DAC= Digital to Analog Converter (or in more common parlance, plays the digital music off you computer through your amplifier.) The FX DAC Mini is an integrated chip housed in a sturdy aluminum case. A credit card sized DAC that is portable and flexible, the unit can be used to take a digital source and turn the signal into an analog signal so that it can be played through any stereo amplifier.

Full-Speed Transceiver Supports 12Mbps Data Transfer
Fully Compliant with the USB 1.0 Specification
Self-Powered Device
Dynamic Range: 103dB (typical at 16-bit)
SNR: 105dB (typ)
THD+N: 0.002% (typ at 16-bit)
Full-Scale Output: 3.1VPP
● SAMPLING RATE (FS): 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
● Burr Brown PCM2702 DIRECT OUTPUT
● Indicator: Power (Right), Playback (Left)
● Input Socket: USB-mini 5pins
● Output Socket: Gold-plated RCA
● Size: 3 ¼ in. L x 2 in. W x 5/8 n. H Weight : 12 oz.
● 90 day warranty
I just got one yesterday, and after a day of listening (not all 24 hours!), I prefer it's "sound" to that of my Nuforce Icon's usb input. I'm using the Jolida in a office desktop system = docked laptop/Itunes/usb/Jolida FX DAC mini/Zu y cable/Nufore Icon/modified Beyerdynamic DT770. Nice sound. Great for rock, even better on classical/jazz. This little usb dac from Jolida is recommended.