Jolida Fusion DAC/Preamp Has anyone listened to it? Thoughts?


Thinking about buying a Jolida Fusion DAC/Preamp. There is no were around my home town to listen to one. Has anyone listened to it/ own one? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

I have not been able to find any reviews yet on these either but I took a chance and just ordered one yesterday (May 6) from Walter Liederman of Underwood HiFi. He sells here on AG. Gave me a good price with free shipping direct from JoLida in Maryland. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. All JoLida amps can be upgraded for better perfomance either when ordering or later on. They come from the factory as sort of base models that can be up graded to much higher specs if you are willing to fork over the dough. It's all on their web site.