Jolida Foz SS-X Tube buffer & soundstage expander?

Anyone have any hands-on experience with the Jolida Foz SS-X Tube buffer & soundstage expander?
I've read a few reviews but I want to hear from members of this website that have actually used it.
Your positive and/or negative comments would be appreciated.
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I have been a dealer for Jolida / Black Ice Audio for about 15 years. Their products have always gotten good reviews representing great value. This SS-X is not exception. I have sold many of these in the USA and Europe. Also I have one in use in my own stereo system. This device adds a bit more warmth as well as bass. The difference in clarity and detail is subtle, but noticeable. I always offer people a trial period- if someone is not happy return it for a refund. Any questions - feel free to contact Anderson Audio Gallery. Find me on FB. 
What little older Jolida gear you find in the used market is priced at what it sold for new, or more. Bob Anderson
 thanks for thread, interesting readingOnly wish there was a balanced version
I just bought one of these for the fun involved in playing something different. I’ve always wondered about the effect of adding more out of phase sound to the front speakers. Now I know. In small doses it can definitely be additive.

I have a fairly well set up system with an excellent soundstage considering the size of my room (13x19x9). Very good pin point imaging and detail. Added to my system between my sources and integrated amp - Bass control warms up the bass a tad but it is not a huge boost in the upper bass as so many are. It is also effective in toning down the bass from some sources (my Marantz CDP for example). It’s effect on sound staging is interesting and somewhat dependent on recording. On most modern recordings only a nominal turn of control to say about 1 to 2 o’clock will bring a sound that emulates a symphony hall in that the center image will expand and you will loose a tad of pin point imaging. IMHO a great way of killing the anal bred necessity of listening to your audio system to reassure your self that you are hearing all of the ’detail’ you think you paid for. A sickness shared by many otherwise normal audiophiles. :-)

I was not so impressed with its performance with my headphone system. It was OK but you had to tinker with the settings of each disc to get good response. Most of the high quality CD’s listened to sounded pretty good with out it.

It’s not very expensive. For the more adventuresome (or bored) audiophile I recommend it. BTW, for tubists, changing the single tube does make a difference. If you have a tape loop you have the perfect place for it.


Newbee, is your SS-X unit broken in?

You are probably paying attention to quality cabling and vibration control?
I have found this unit to respond well to anti-static liquid
and treatment with a Walker Talisman...

Have you ecxperimented with minor changes to speaker placement
now that you have a new variable in your system?

Will you consider upgrading the fuse?