Jolida Foz SS-X Tube buffer & soundstage expander?

Anyone have any hands-on experience with the Jolida Foz SS-X Tube buffer & soundstage expander?
I've read a few reviews but I want to hear from members of this website that have actually used it.
Your positive and/or negative comments would be appreciated.
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Hi lak,

I  received my ssx about a week ago. I am very happy with my purchase. I have placed the ssx between my pre and amp. Directstream dac/anthem d2/ssx/amp thru Triton one speakers.

The overall sound was warmer and shaved a bit of glare on harsh notes. Furthermore there was more detail! The bass was also improved. I am running the bass knob at 0 and the expander knob just shy of 1 o’clock; overall a substantial improvement!

I was was worried that the ssx was just a band aid but I have found no negative. My system already sounded great with a huge sound stage.  I borrowed my friends ssx just to hear it due to my curiosity. I now own one!

Hope that helps
@warr, Thank you for that information, I really appreciate it. That's exactly what I wanted to know.
Best regards...

I just read this review this past weekend and became very intrigued. So intrigued I purchased today.  Seems to me its a very inexpensive sound stage/bass tweak for those of purists please don't hate me... that live and die by tone-bass-treble -loudness-low cut-knobs. And these knobs, thankfully, are still found out there (ie:Luxman) to personalize our sound.  My room is a non ideal 9 ft high - 13 wide by 20 long rectangle of potential acoustic issues. ( Yes -I have treatments) I'll take a potentially widened sound stage and warmer sound anyway I can get it!
If folks swear by interconnects-speaker cable-and other factors influencing their tone and sound field depth then why not this little unit? 
IN fact, I'm amazed no one has thought of it before.

BTW: I run TIDAL MQA via pc coax to Marantz NA7004 DAC feeding Parasound 2100 new classic preamplifier into either Parasound A21 SS or a Prima Luna Prologue 5.
I have Tekton Lore and Zu Omen DW towers that both bring immediacy to songs sometimes I wish to warm up. I am planning on running this Jolida Foz between pre and the amp. I will report back what I hear.  Who knows, if this works, maybe it could be added into future preamps or integrateds?
@azthu, Please post your thoughts after you have an opportunity to use the Jolida Foz SS-X Tube buffer & soundstage expander.
I did read the review from Enjoy The Music prior to this post, however, I'm really interested in reading what actual Audiogon members experiences are.
I will be putting it thru its paces this weekend. Let me know if you see it referenced anywhere else!
My report on this unit so far:

1- definitely adds (as in the recent ETM review) that "dollop of bass" without screwing up the entire lower spectrum. I like a full sound and usually go close to 80% of max on my tone controls.

For demo-May I suggest the EAGLES MQA Hotel California track for an example of what I am talking about. The units bass adjustment is perfect for filling in that side of the spectrum -especially at lower listening levels. I now can dial back a little on my SS pre bass level.

2-The sound stage expander feature actually surprised me-I ended up liking it more narrow and not broad like I had assumed. I have it all the way left(narrow). This feature should help those with narrow rooms or larger areas in need of tweaking.

3-The best feature without a doubt is the tube input stage. I put this unit between my SS Parasound PHP-850 pre and A21 SS amp. It just puts meat on the music and mimics a tube like fullness to my system. No other way to say it. I just cannot imagine some of the mid fi guys adding this type of feature set to future preamps or integrateds. You get to take a nice fidelity jump for very little $$

So my call is thumbs up for the money. Just an EASY and budget minded unit for noticeable sound quality improvement for those of us usually on the outside looking in at the upper echelon of hifi toys.

Thanks for posting your thoughts on the SS-X. 
Much appreicated!
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This component appears to use the Bass EQ  and Panorama "surround sound" circuits used in the Fosgate Signature Tube Headphone amplifier released circa 2012.  I wonder if it would be useful on the many poorly mastered CDs that seem to have a compressed soundstage.  I do not believe the tube is being used as a buffer to correct impedance mismatches. Of course my EE Minimax preamp has an enormous effect on tone and soundstage depending on the specific 12au7 signal tube or 6x4 rectifier being used in the signal path - a Mullard M8136 will kill the treble response while an RCA black plate will create excessive bass response.  The Minimax preamp does not generally make poorly recorded/mastered CDs sound better especially on hard rock music.  Fosgate's patented circuits will change the sound in ways some will like or find useful and others dislike for various reasons. Any more input from people using this component would be very helpful.
Works wonders on british speakers!!!!  
Hi there, I recently purchased this item, to try it as a replacement for my WLM EQ (between music server and integrated tube amp). It does everything as advertised and mentioned in this thread. I struggle with one drawback, however, and that is slightly more  emphasis on sibilance (I can't stand that). There is no change in the high quality interconnects and power cable connected to the unit (same as to WLM) so the problem is in the new unit. I am trying tube rolling without major improvement. Any advice?
Perhaps leaving the unit on for an extended period of time before playing it. Someone mentioned much better music after the unit was on for 12 hours. Perhaps this a beak in period. I did buy a different tube for it that had some merit.
  I would like to add that an unexpected function of the unit is applied with the old Beatles recordings, since I am less impressed with one instrument per channel. The SSX allows you to mix them back to a much more believable recording.
Hello everyone,  So here we are a year later.  Just wondering if anyone had any additional thoughts about this box.  I just found out about it today, and I am potentially interested...

Particularly interested whether it improves the "3D sound stage, Holographic, wide and deep,etc" with bass, especially at lower volumes in a small (8x10) room.

I have a Peachtree Audio Nova 300, that I could connect with this.  Might save me having to purchase an external DAC to improve as per the above..

I just got mine yesterday.  Will give a report after I have a few days to play around with it.
Hey smrex13, looking forward to your thoughts on this unit. I have a friend that owns one and is willing to sell it to me. Must be sent to me so I am deciding prior to making offer. Hope things are going well for you.