Jolida for Meadowlarks?

Looking for the best amp for Shearwaters. I've got a ss 110W, but numerous people rave about tubes with these speakers. My price range, unfortunately is around $700, so a used Jolida 502 is on my short list. interested in opinions and other options.
Don't know your speakers but I own the Jolida in my bedroom system. I've owned/own top end ARC, CJ and Melos tube amps and preamps. The Jolida is an outstanding price/performance unit and really easy to listen to, but replace the stock tubes for to get the most for your money.
I have owned Meadowlark speakers and I agree that they need a smooth sounding amp to balance their slightly forward treble. I had good results with a Linn Majik integraded on a set of Kestrels (it might be a little low on power for Shearwaters, as I think they are a little less sensitive than the Kestrels) and much better though, a little more money than your price range, a Pass Aleph 3. It would be very hard to beat the sound of the Aleph 3 for the money.
I owned the SJ502a some time ago. Listened to a pair of Kestrals with it at an audio store. Sounded bloated in the bass. I couldn't tell you anymore of the other componentry, so that could have been a factor, or even the sound room. Still, I believe that tube amplification is best for Meadowlark speakers. High efficiency, stable impedance, and first order cross-overs make these speakers a dream match for tubes. Meadowlarks also have excellent soundstaging characteristics that cannot be realized with a budget ss amp. Antique Sound Labs is making excellent tube amplifiers (both integrated and power) very inexpensively. They currently have one integrated model retailing for around $550. Stewart Marcantoni of Weekend Environments carries the line. He is an part of the Audiogon Dealer network. Nice guy, and can probably give you a good deal on it as well.
KT-88's as output tubes improve the bass alot on the Jolida 502a