Jolida Envoy Preamp

I would like to get some impressions from those of you familiar with this preamp. I am considering a tube preamp to replace my Forte f-44. I have a McCormack DNA-125 (stock), Arcam FMJ CD23, AR ES1 TT (modded) w Audioquesst PT9 arm and w/goldring 1012 cartridge (upgrading to a 1042 soon) using an old superphon revelation basic as the phono pre and Dynaudio Focus 220 speakers (transparent music wave ultra speaker cables and Tara 66 ICs-all stock pc). I need the phono stage but I also want a great pre for the $. My budget is $1000 give or take a few and I prefer used for value. I have been considering a Rogue Magnum 99 and some of the older AR or CJ preamps. Read a review that said the envoy is a giant killer basically. I like my system but I feel the need to try to warm it up a bit. I also am thinking of a tube buffer stage.
The Nuis Fidelity is uppoosed to be Music Diretc's best selling accessory.I find that interesting.I would think that if you were going ad wramth (upper hamonic dsitortion-the distortion we like) buit would want the signal to not have unneeded articfacts ADDED to sound chain.Makes more sense that one would want it to be in pre section.Tubes are good at adding harmonics while changing voltage but father down the line and all tube system as you know has weaknesses like high end roll off and weaker bass (in general) then solid state designs.That's why many want a glass pre anmd ss amp.But why not it happen while it's accomplishing a function (pre-amplification).same thing makes me wonder about CD player "upgrades" that include tubes.But couldn't the need for this mean that the design or Dto A section isn't as good sounding as it shopuld be?My own thinking is give the warmth in the pre section or by feeding through a integrated amps added warmth.Up till that point I would want the digital to be as accurate and clean as possible.Maybe I am wrong in this intuitive fealing that it does not matter where it's added as long as it's added.But I find it hard to believe that it will, "increase the soundstage depth,improve imaging ,or deepen bass" (as the ad for the MF buffer say's if does) if these qualities are not there allready.Don't get me wrong I use a tube (EAR 834) Intgerated.But where and how the tubnes are added in my mind has to sound better inroduced one way or another and my guess it's better in primary function like like pre or main amplification.
What is Nuis Fidelity?

Its better than Moo Fidelity aint it!
I am not sure why Chazzbo responded to your post because its obvious he doesn't know anything about the Envoy. Sorry Chaz but why respond to a post talking about another preamp when he is asking about the Jolida.

I have the Envoy and I think it is a great preamp. How many preamps have a phono stage built in for less than $1500? To buy it alone would be what $500? I mainly listen to CD's and I would think you be hard pressed to find a preamp anywhere near its price range that sounds as good. I have owned several tubed preamps and the Jolida is a great bang for the buck.
I would also consider a well-kept Audible Illusions 3A to serve your needs.

I've got to agree with samzx12 here. I've owned an envoy preamp for a year and a half now and think it sounds great. I have telefunken smooth plate 12ax7 and mullard 12at7 tubes in it. I listen to probably 80% lp and 20% cd. The phono section in the envoy gives you many options for cartridges, I'm running a dynavector karrat 17d. I also agree with sam that you would be very hard pressed to find another tube pre NEW for 1500 that sounds as good and has the versitility of the phono section.

Thanks for the responses. Chazzbo I think you are saying what I am thinking adding tubes into the equation at the preamp level makes the most sense to me. My experience with tubes is fairly limited. What I observe however is that the quickness and drive as well as the bass a SS state amp provide are missing with modestly priced tube amps but the mids and highs are so sweet. Hopefully a tubed pre will soften up my sound. While it is not grainy it is a bit cold especially on the cd side. Samzx and DWR, what other tubed preamps have you had in your systems and how do they compare to the Jolida? Flg2001, I have never heard the Audible Illusions but from everything I read it is also a very interesting possibility, but I am strongly considering the Jolida. Any other Envoy preamp owners out there? I would like to hear what you think good or bad about the Envoy.
Hoopster - you might also want to consider the T.A.D. 150 Signature preamp. Also has a very nice built-in phono stage, is an all tube design, sounds incredible and is usually less than $1300.

Check out owner feedback from the various threads here @'gon.
I have had a BAT VK5i, N.E.W. preamp which is similiar to a Cary open style chassis, several CJ's, Sonic Frontiers, and Plinius CD-LAD (solid state). The Envoy sounds a little less tubey than the above mentioned but still has the that tube sweetness. The way I looked at it, if Jolida matches it with a set of $6000 monoblocs then it must be a decent preamp. I have 5751 GE triple mica black plates in place of the 12ax7's right now and GE's in place of the 12at7's. I tried the Mullards at7's but they were a bit dry for my tastes.
I ended up with the TAD-150 Signature. I have been playing it for about a week. It was just economics, there are a few good used TADs out there and not many used Envoys. Sure would like to have had some comparison impressions though. So far I am really enjoying the TAD. What a SOUNDSTAGE this things throws. Can't say I hear anymore detail from the phono stage than the old Superphon pre I was using for a phono stage but it is quieter and blacker. Good enough to make me part with my beloved Forte F-44 pre and the aformentioned Superphon.