Jolida DAC or HRT Streamer?

Dont know much about DAC's however, I have come across two interesting items that are priced very, very reasonable. Also, I want portability. Jolida just came out with a nice DAC at around $99 and HRT prices are reasonable as well. But since I am not a tech expert I would like to know if someone could help me out in choosing one?

Thank you!
AFAIK, the Jolida DAC hasn't been released. It's supposed to be out soon, but it isn't even listed on Jolida's website. Everyone who heard it at RMAF was impressed. You'll have to wait to get more info.

I haven't heard the HRT Streamer, but those who have say it's impressive. You should read the review in 6moons from Sept 2009:
I made a purchase for the new Jolida DAC :)~ We shall see how this little baby performs :)
Please let us know what you think. A lot of folks are curious and interested to know how it performs.