Jolida CD-100...Who has moved on and...

What did you replace it with.

Looking for a player with more detail and extended top end. If you had this player at one time, what did you replace it with and how did it compare.

I changed speakers from a detailed ribbon speaker to a warmer conventional driver speaker. Looking to pick up some detail and extension on the top end...under 1k

Any suggestions

I had the Lolida 100. Garbage it was. Sold it and went to vinyl and never looked bsck. Remember Lot's wife?
I had the JD-100 many players ago, I never really warmed up to it. I'm now using a Cambridge 740c player and it offers all the qualities you are looking for under 1K.

I don't think of the Jolida as "garbage". Everyone's taste is different. I used it in a pure solid state system for quite a while, then added a tube pre-amp. At that point it was too much tube. It is all about the synergy of components working in concert to make a sound you like. I did add a PS Audio Digital link III on the back of the Jolida (bypassing the tubes) and it is a wonderful sound in my system. Since I don't know what else you have, I can't predict how it would work for you. As a transport it is reliable and the power supply is robust. I really liked it's sound. I think it would work best in a solid state system to add warmth and body to CDs. Good luck in your quest. And, remember to have fun.
The more I think about your question of adding extension and top end to your system, you may want to try some of the upsampling players like Cambridge and Njoe Tjoeb (which I know well). You just have to be careful with CDPs so that you don't get too much high frequency detail. You may end up with an edge you don't like. Do you miss the ribbon tweeter?
Glory just doesn't like digital, nor solid state. I wouldn't call the Jolida garbage either, since I still have, and like my modified one. I once had a Sharp CDP that cost less than $100, and I wouldn't call that garbage either. It served its purpose.
I had the Jolida 100 stocked with Sylvania 5751 Black Plate tubes for a good long time. From there I moved to non-oversampling DACs for a much more real presentation.
On my short list is the Cambridge azure 840c. Not sure how this stacks up to the Jolida in terms of extension.

I have tried all kinds of tubes with it, Sylvania triple mica blacks, Svetlana winged C, RCA triples, GE triples, EI golds and standards, Sylvania JANs...they are all a compromise. Ironicly, I had a Resolution Audio CD-55 which I sold because it was just too much with my Infinity Renaissance 90's. I have a pair of Preludes now, and while they are a better speaker altogether, I feel that the top end is missing some sparkle/detail. The Jolida was a great match with the Rens though..
i had a jolida. i found it thin sounding and emphasizing the upper frequencies. one of the few players i owned that i really did not like. i only owned it for a short time.
I had the Jolida Wally mod and the S 5751 TM GP and it was alright. My responce was to be taken with some humor on the garbage thing. It did sound better than a transistor raidio I had back in the '60's. =8^)


I think you are wrong on the SS thing. I have for a phono amp a ASR Exclusive. No tubes and wonderful sounding. It is a unit I will live with for a very long time. I like SS.

I find it hard to believe that going to a show like RMAF the most rooms have only a digital setup.
Anyway to get this back on topic?

What did you guys replace it with, how would you compare the sonics to the replacement?
I can't say that I replaced the Jolida with the Cambridge 740c as it's been a while since I've owned the Jolida. I will say that the Cambridge 740c sounds completely different. The 740 needs about 160 hours of break in time to come together, the sound is very transparent with excellent detail, the 740c does not sound like a Thanksgiving Turkey thats been injected with flavorings like a lot of players in this price range. The Jolida was okay but I heard a fuzz around images like a GA peach and sold it. The Cambridge is an amazing player in this price range, try one to see if it fits your tastes and your system.
I have a few cdps. One of them is a modded JD100. The posters here that were critical of the Jolida did so likely because it was a poor match in their system. Although I've never heard the stock unit, the moddded Jolida I have is a pretty good music maker that is not the last word in detail. It is far from garbage. The challenge we all face in system-building is being able to match the electronics, speakers, sources, and cabling. Then there's the issue of the room. With all these variables at work, it's a big challenge and daunting task. System synergy as a term is over-used here, but imo it's a very real concept. When you don't have it, you won't be happy with the sound of your speakers. I still have the JD 100, but I moved on to the Modwright Sony 999 and the Raysonic 128. What I hear from these players is more detail, a wider deeper soundstage, and resolution. Your mileage may vary based on the rest of your gear. Having a great amplifier-to-speaker match is crucial and then adding a synergistic source is key.
Exactly, I had really good synergy between my Ribbon/Plannar Renaissance 90's and my Aragon 4004mkII amp, 28k MKII preamp and the Jolida. I was able to tone down the speakers just enough with different tubes. Since switching to the Preludes with the conventional tweeter, they are a bit dark paired up with the Jolida no matter what tubes I use. The preludes are a more neutral speaker, and have the potential to sound great...I just have to go through the motions again with different components. I picked up a Cambridge 840c to try, have yet to hook it up but will tonight for a shootout.
I moved on to the Cary 308 from the Jolida. I did replace the stock tubes with GE black plates which improved the player. I preferred the Cary quite a bit over the Jolida. Since the Cary I have tried the Paradisea DAC and Muse Model 9 Gen III. I really like the Muse.