jolida, cairn, music hall

I am looking for a cd player. Right now, considering the much talked about Jolida JD 100, the modified Music Hall cd 25, and maybe the Cairn Fog (used or without the upsampling). I'd like to stay about $1000 or under. Also need a front loading unit. Wondering if the Jolida would be as strong a compliment with the tube system as one of the SS units.

My system consists of an Audio Note M! linestage, VTL ST-85 amp and Audio Physic Spark III speakers. I tend to listen to jazz and acoustic guitar/vocals the most. Also dabbling in everything from classical to alternative to the occasional hip-hop.

I like a smooth sound, a little warm but not overly so. A strong but balanced low end and detailed, but not overly etched.

Thanks in advance. Appreciate it.
I have been a Cairn Fog (with upsampling) owner for about 8 months now and really like it. It replaced an Audio Research CD2. Checkout this link.
One speed, (track?), a serious Jolida reviewer could not come up with a statement about the 100 as accurate as yours. It sounds to me the Jolida is just the player you are looking for. I have mine augmenting 20k of solid state, and I can vouch for it's eerie life likeness. The tubes work their smooth and airy magic, without sacrificing dynamics, bass, or detailed highs.

The Music Hall is a fine cd player, and better than the Jolida out of the box. The Jolida needs a good fifty hours of breaking in before it gets right. It also needs great tubes. the best tubes for the Jolida are 5751 black plates. This is a genre of tubes built in the fiftees and sixtees by a variety of brand names. When primed, the Jolida will sit first chair. The Music Hall will always play second fidel.

"I like a smooth sound, a little warm but not overly so. A strong but balanced low end and detailed, but not overly etched."

I couldn't describe my system any better. By the way, One speed, we have the same taste in music.
I second the muralman response
I recently purchased the Jolida also. Was a little disappointed out of the box. I bought some GE mica blackplates 5751, dampened the chassis a bit, replace cheap power cord, and finally after some break in, WOW, great warm rich sound. Bass much improved.
Just finished listening to my Shoot Out the light's Disc--Richard Thompson, The Jolida helped reveal the music details that I did not hear before
For the $$, and perhaps many more, it was a great purchase
(sorry, I am not a polished reviewer)