Jolida and Cary

Hi, I am looking for the opinions of those who have tried products from both of these companies, in particular the 502brc and the SLI-80. Any comparisons would be appreciated. Don't worry so much about either of them in my system, I'd like to hear how they were in your systems, which you liked better, and why?
I don't get the opportunity to demo gear here.

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If you'd like to worry about them in my system, I have Spendor sp1/2e and a Musical Fidelity Tri-vista dac, and I only rock out occasionally. The Jolida powers the Spendors without any problems. Anyone have experience with Cary and Spendors?
I really like the sound of my Cary amp in my secondary system. It is an SLI50 so not exactly the same but close. This amp is only rated at 30W and with 89db efficient speakers it will absolutely crank in a 10x14 room. It is great to look at as well. I've owned since 96 and have only replaced output tubes and the on/off switch. The contacts in the switch burned up.
I would dismiss the Jolida based on its origin. I stay away from anything China as much as possible.
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I just bought a sli-80 and will find out the differences soon enough. I really thought Jolida to Cary would have been a more common upgrade path?

Cary until death do us part