Jolida 707A vs. Wright 3.5's

Has anyone in this community had experience with both of these amps?I currently own the 707 and just replaced the EH 12ax7's with some NOS GE 5751 triple mica black plates from the 50's and man does it sound better with this amp tonight.My dilemma is that i am about to purchase some Wright 3.5 mono blocks and was wondering if i am making the right decision in doing so.I have read nothing but great things about the Wrights so i suspect they will be terrific but i was just wondering if anybody had any first hand experience with the two amps in question.I owned the Jolida 202A and this 707A is in an entirely whole different league in my system.I am running Bag End 103 db efficiency large horn studio monitor speakers.The 707 sounds terrific but wanted to see what the Wrights could do for me with these speakers.I listen to all varietys of music but am leaning more to the music that SET serves best i believe from gathering information from invaluable GON members and you know who you are(Howard-thanks you have been an incredible help!!)
Just was curious since this Jolida 707A is rather new if anyone has heard both it and the Wrights and had their opinions.ALSO i must say that i am really enjoying using the VH Audio Flavor 4 with Gold wattgates on the 707A and i know that the Wrights have a fixed cord on those units and was wondering if anyone thought that was a detrement?All the reviews of the Wrights don't seem to think so however that i have read.No mention of the cord actually.They just say the darn thing sounds great.Just wanted to get some thoughts if there are any before i pull the total trigger here.
Thanks for your help!
The pair you may be ready to buy (or have already bought) may be my old ones if they are currently on the Gon'. I cannot comment about the Jolida other than they make great bang-for-buck components, several of which I've enjoyed very much over the years. I have not heard the 707A, but have owned a pair of Wright 3.5's. The Wrights are all about midrange magic. They have that in spades and I doubt, if you are pairing the Wrights off with one of George's preamps and some good high-efficiency horns, that you will come close to that with a Jolida integrated. What the 3.5's didn't do, which ultimately had me looking elsewhere, is bass. Granted, one is so entranced with those wonderful, palpable mids, and tremendous soundstage, that the lack of a substantial low end becomes a minor issue for some. But when I went back to my 300B SET amp, there were those magic mids along with a very realistic low end to boot. The Wright Mono-10's are a push-pull variant using a pair of 2a3 tubes and, to my ears, give you 90% of the midrange magic of the 3.5's while adding a bit more power (10 watts) and a great low end as well. I'd go that direction (and did) myself. My favorite is still the 300b SETs I own, though the Mono 10's pull a close second. I'm wanting to look closely at OTL next. Oh, and as far as the fixed cords on the 3.5's they never seemed to hold them back from doing what they do best. I suppose you may be able to tweak them to some extent with aftermarket cords if they did offer that option, but I'd say that was not to the detrement of an overall outstanding pair of amps. If you are way into the mids and wide, deep palpable image you will like the 3.5's. Sorry I can't comment on the Jolida you have in comparison.

Hope that helps.

Thanks very much Marco.I neglected to add that i am running a powered sub(Bag End Infrasub)with my Speakers so the bass should not be a problem then and perhaps i will have found a piece of sonic heaven.I am hoping.Guess i will stick with the 3.5's for the reason of having the powered sub.Does that sound to you like the way to go then now that that initally overlooked information is now available.Thanks