Jolida 520a - What tubes go where?

I just moved across the country. Like the bonehead that I am, I've evidently packed my owners manual in a secret hiding place and didn't do a good job of storing the tubes in any particular order. I'll find the manual eventually but I want to listen to music while I unpack tonight. Can anyone help me out?
Call Jolida they are very helpful. 301-953-2068
Yes, Jolida are very helpful.
Can you tell by the picture on the Jolida website?
Will try that, thanks. I obviously meant 502a, sorry.
08-27-10: Saulgold
Will try that, thanks. I obviously meant 502a, sorry.

Well thanks for letting me spend 2 hours trying to find you some helpful info!!!!! Kidding of course,some folks here don't seem to have a sense of humor.
Its obvious where the power tubes go. The 12ax7s go in the middle two sockets V-1 and V-5......and the 12at7s go in the outside sockets V-2 and V-6, and bias them to 500 millivolts + or - 50millivolts. I got the tube locations from the 502BRC manual.