Jolida 502B correct tube allocation


Greetings from Costa Rica.

I'm a really fan of hearing jazz and electronic music too (weird I know)

At this moment, I have a Jolida 502B with Paradigm Monitor 11 v6, Xindaq DAC and CD Player.

I'm trying to upgrade the Electro Harmonix original tubes and looking for this I asked at tubestore and they answered me:

"You require one 12AT7 and one 12AX7 per channel." (actually the 502B has a salad of 12AX7 brands)

So, I will need a matched pair of 12AX7 plus another mp of 12AT7, that's clear.

My question is: where is the correct location or side for to the AX7 and the AT7 ?

There are 4 sockets, guess left-right = two for channel, but I don't know where to put the AX and AT, outside or inside of each channel ?? Or there is another distribution possible ?

Thanks for your help.

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If you don't like shiny or typical EH sound I suggest you go with all Mullard (NOS) for the small tubes or possibly the GL reissues (not cheap either). The output I am very enthusiastic about is the Gold Lion reissue KT-88s. They are well worth the extra money trust me on this one. The source I use is Jim McShane over on Audio Asylum.
To answer your question , yes there are very significant differences between the NOS and the current Mullard branded tubes.
The current "reissues" are made in Russia and evidently come from the same manufacturers as do Sovtek, they are now called New Sensor. The good news is that the new Mullards and Tung Sols don't sound like Sovteks. They are much fuller,less dry, have much less glare or treble brittleness. They are indeed very very good and its nice to know they are around.
The old Mullards posess an incomparable and indescribable warmth and richness with a perhaps a small emphasis on the midbass (the opposite of a thin sounding tube). The old tubes still preserve detail and have treble extension but are very sweet, non fatuiging in the upper registers -mellow toned if you will. If you can afford some like the fairly common, later CV-4004s, I encourage you to try them. Don't forget the Gold Lion KT 88s you will be thanking me for that recommendation, you gotta believe me on this one.