Jolida 502A - Other owners, what speakers?

Got a Jolida 502A on the way and I need to get some speakers. What is everyone else with this amp using for speakers? I realize that my music taste, source and room layout will factor in but, if possible, I'd like a short list of what I should audition. Will probably be paired with a Pioneer DV-05 for now until I can get a Rega Planet Orig/2000. Thanks.
Well I'm semi-retired, but I'm running an old pair of BA A-60s with my 502A. Of course, I'm looking for something better (especially since I blew a tweeter Saturday (wonder how hard it'll be to find a replacement)). Truth is, I'm seriously considering a pair of Tylers. btw, I've gotten (and still getting) a lot of enjoyment out of my 502a, it's definely a keeper.
The main speakers I use w/ my 502A is a pair of Tannoy DMT10 Mk2 studio monitors. These are 94dB efficient thereby making the 60W/ch (I'm using KT88 right now) plenty. In this setup I'm using the 502A as an integrated amp i.e. CD to amp, amp to speakers.
I've also used my 502A with my Green Mountain Audio C1.5i floor-standers to very good effect. The C1.5i are 89dB efficient but the 60W/ch seems to be plenty in this case as well. I ran the 502A thru a preamp in this setup.
I used a Planet 2000 and a 502 to power a pair of Magnepan MMGs in a small room.

I later replaced the MMGs with Soliloquy 5.3s, while not as open as Magnepans, were also a good match.
i use a 502B modded and do not know if there is much diff between 502A. same 60 wpc. fwiw tho, i use meadowlark kestrel 2's. at 89db and 'stable' ohm resistance i think they are a very good match. have to find used as m-lark is defunct but drivers are apparently easy to locate should one blow.
Here is a bit of an off the wall suggestion for you: Sound Dynamics 300ti. These are great speakers that image well and sound fantastic. I have a pair in my BR system that I am currently driving with a 30wpc tube amp and a tubed pre. They are 4 ohm and I think about 89db and yes you do have to turn the volume up a bit but they sound great! I am having a Fisher 500c rebuilt that will be used with these and it is only 30 watts too. These speakers sold for $800 full retail but were discounted to about $500 and can be found for $250 to 300 in good shape on the used market. It took me several years of listening to a lot of speakers to bump these out of my main listening room. These speakers are one of the true audio bargains of all time. Hippy man, I think a pair of these should be on your list of considerations as well.
Thanks for the responses!

Anyone have any experience with the 502A and Usher? Specifically the x708, x718, or x719?

Haven't heard the 502a and Usher combination you mention, but I would think they would sound very well together. Perhaps you might want to sent an email to Bill Baker at Respond Audio asking him this question. Bill is well known for his "mods" to Jolida amps, and until recently used to be an Usher dealer. If anybody would know how Jolidas and Ushers sound together it would be him.

Anyway, here's a link
Mskeen, Your Jolida tube amp would sound great with a pair of Magneplanar 1.6's. Listen to them sometime and I think you'll really like them. I own a pair and when I first heard them I knew instantly that these were the speakers for me. You could pick up a pair of used ones on Audiogon for less than $1000.

If still of interest to you, Mskeen, I am using a 502B w/KT88s to drive Totem Forests. Sounds great to me.
Thanks for the kind words Cleaneduphippy.

I have several customers running the Jolida / Usher combination with most combinations using the Usher 718 or 719. This is an exceptional match according to the feedback.

A few are running with the Usher 6-series as well and having no problems. I have a few owners of the modified Jolida units or 3205 units wanting to try out the new BE-718 due to be released soon. I will be eager to hear their comments.
You're welcome, Bill and thank you for sharing your audio experiences and knowledge not only here on Audiogon but also on other audio sites. I've learned quite a bit from your postings.

Anyway, back to subject at hand. Recently have retired my old Boston A-60s and am now using a pair of Madisound AR.Com speakers with the updated crossovers. Also, have replaced the power tubes in my 502A from Svetlanas to Tungsol 6550s. It's turning out to be a very nice sounding combination of the two.
Cleaneduphippy, While the speakers are nice, I think you are in for a real treat should you decide to move onto the Usher line. Any of their X-Series or 6-Series would be a very good match. Let us know what you decide and happy listening!
Hey Bill,

I was considering going with Usher, but unfortunately, the nearest dealer I could find was in Richmond, Va (a 100 miles away, one way) and he himself was having problems with getting speakers from Usher (some sort of problems with Customs) that seem to be affecting all the Usher dealers in the US. I'm enjoying the speakers and an quite amazed what it can do especially at the price I paided for them. ($250). I'm sure in the future, I'll move on to some better speakers and definely will keep the Usher line in mind. btw, Bill, I was under the impression that you had dropped the Usher line.
".....btw, Bill, I was under the impression that you had dropped the Usher line....."

Yes, I did let the line go. I would not be recommending them if I still had them as this would be considered promoting business and against the rules.

Even though I am no longer a dealer, I have no problem recommending these speakers and supporting those who are looking to buy.

For the record, the only reason I let the Usher line go was due to a lack of retail sales in my area. It had nothing to do with the line itself. (In fact, I wish I could still sell the modified version of the S-520. An amazing speaker).

With so many Usher dealers, it was a hard product for me to sell without invading another dealer's area. I do not do much in regard to retail sales with 95% of my business being our exclusive products and modifications.