Jolida 502 or 801?

Hi everyone. I've been investigating tube integrateds and was considering the Jolida 502 stock or modified, as well as the 801a. I was wondering if anyone had compared these three options and could enlighten me as to the sonic differences. I know the 801 has a little more power but that aside what are the defining characteristics of each. Would I be better off with a modded 502 or stock 801 as they come out to about the same price? Oh and they'd be paired with Quad 22L2s.
I auditioned both of these at home.
I bought the 502B unmodded because I preferred the sound to the 801a. I had Paradigm Studio 40 v3 at the time.
Hopefully you can listen to each before deciding.
Thanks for your help Deaf j. Ultimately I might end up going with their 707 as I don't need the extra power and it just seemed to have a lot more to say when listening through the L2s than the others.
Check with Bill Baker, Response Audio web site. You can also send Bill a massage on AudiogoN, his username is Response34. Bill has been a dealer for Jolida for many years and also does mods on the 502B and 801 Amps and lots of other audio stuff. You could always start out with a used 502b or 801 and then look into mods for either. Just changing some tubes in either amp can be like night & day. Talk to Bill, nice guy and no BS that knows his stuff with tube amps and mods.