JOLIDA 302B Tube Int. Amp. Opinions?

I am considering a Jolida 302B integrated amp for my system. I currently using The Complete int. amp by Audio Refinement. However, I would like to get into tubes. This gear seems almost too reasonably priced, if there is such a thing? I have read some good things but would like a little more info. Thanks
I am one of the bigger proponents of the Jolida 302B on the site. I think it is not only an excellent tube amp, but an excellent amp. Period. One of my FAVORITE amps. Reasonably priced, great foundation of transformers/circuit topology/layout, very good binding posts(especially compared to CJ, AR, older Jadis, etc.). Cosmetics are not jewelike, but you have to cut corners somewhere. Other corners cut are the passive parts quality and tubes. This amp is a classic EL34 amp in my mind. Exactly the amp to make a tubeophile happy. The tone is rich, full bodied, and warm. Not possessing the last word in retrieval at either frequency extreme or in low level resolution, but you will be surprised what the amp will do. Easy to bias. One thing that takes the amp to the next level is to immediately switch tubes. Both output and the smaller 12AX7/12AU7 tubes. The Chinese tubes sound slow, thick, fuzzy, as if a thick oil had been poured over the music. For output tubes, I recommend two different EL34s, depending on your musical tastes. For a more mellow, warm presentation, try the Svetlana EL34. For a more open, dynamic sound look at JJ(formerly Tesla and Teslovak). JJ can be had in either EL34 or E34L. E34L are more powerful, dynamic, and possess superior bass response, while still retaining the magic of the EL34 type. I personally prefer the sound of the JJ E43L. ANY European marque for the smaller tubes will make a big improvement over stock. Your Audio Refinement is a more "refined"(pardon the pun) product. Parts, build, and cosmetic quality are all higher. But, if you would like to venture into the tube waters, and you specifically are going for the EL34(classic tube) sound, the Jolida 302B is a winner. Enjoy!
I apologize. I neglected to mention the fact that you should also move a nice power cord. Nothing outrageous, but spending $100 to $200 for one found right here on Audiogon will be a perfect match. The upgrade to both tubes and power cords turns this amp into an absolute giant killer. You should also be driving efficient speakers. Otherwise the amp will fall on its face. Another reason the amp is cheap is that assembly is done in China.
I own a several Jolida's in (202, 302, 502) that I use in my various secondary systems. I agree with Trelja other than I prefer the Svetlana's but then I listen primarily to chamber music in my office using Linn Tukan speakers. I also insist that you must retube to get the amp to perform. The Chinese tubes are aweful. I personally purchase my tubes from Kevin at Upscale Audio and give hime high recommendations.
The 302/502 Series is also a great tinkerer's amp. The strongest feature of this integrated is its trannys, which are quite good at this price point. For tube amps, the output transformers will make or break it, and this unit has good ones. The basic circuit design is also solid, but Jolida did cut corners on such items as coupling caps, input jacks and wires and pots. If you're willing to take the effort, replacing the coupling caps, PS diodes, some front end resistors, the input jacks and wiring and the volume pot yields big improvements, particularly in resolution. Also, consider bypassing the balance pot and resoldering the output octal taps, as I've found them to have dirty joints. Lastly, consider disabling the power LED - noise source. There are some other PS mods you might consider, but other than some paralleled caps, you tend to have to go to a two chassis design (no room). This amp responds better than most from direct connection to wall current. This amp also does well in triode mode and is passable with feedback disabled, if so inclined. I don't know if you need to run NOS small signal tubes in this piece, but there are numerous common European 12AX and AT7s that will stomp the Chinese OEMs. Also, I've heard that 5751s will hum on this amp for some reason, so you're likely stuck with the AX7s.
I hughly recommend this amp. Just great sound and possibly the perfect transition SS to tube transition without breaking the bank. One of my Svetlana EL34s went "up in smoke" the other afternoon and I had to replace all four with the "stock" chinese tubes. YUCK! Can't wait for the ordered Svetlana replacements to arrive!

My opinion in a nutshell... GO FOR IT!

I highly recommend it as well. Sounds like you are only getting opinions from Jolida supporters. I got a 302a which I found as a demo here on AudioGon. I like the appearance better than the b.

It was my first foray into the integrated tube world and I am hooked!

If you look at this as a hobby it gives you an added dimension to play with. The tubes give you an element to expand on and change - renewing the sound if you will. Negatives that I had to overcome were not being able to 'monitor' the amp and thus record tapes. Not a big deal for most just a small glitch to get around with some splitters and such. Also there are only 4 inputs which meant I added a 'switcher' to bring in several A/V inputs like TV and VCR maybe a DVD in the future.

I concur with Rob - Go For it and please let us know what you decide and what your opinion is.

I bought one when it first appeared. I found it to be an excellent sounding amplifier, although not until I changed out all of the tubes, which were noisy. Considering the overall parts quality, chassis finish and assembly/soldering (all poor), it was not a good value at its list price, however. Mine even had a hair in the crude spray painted finish. Considering its Chinese (parts and labor) origin and quality, it should have cost far less.
I have owned a Jolida 302B for a few months now, and am for the most part very happy indeed. As the above posts state, if that warm and rich tube thing (but not lacking for high OR low frequency response) is what you're looking for then you should really take a look at this piece. For me, it's really tough to listen to "solid-scrape" after having this thing around. I agree with the tube substitution advice, too, and you can find EL34's "on the cheap" on this site and elsewhere. (I got a matched quad of Electro Harmonix EL34's off of Audiogon for $40 shipped!) I will add that my unit's main capacitors went bad (and are being fixed under warranty by my dealer) but have heard generally good things about the reliability of Jolida products. My dealer installed Kimber interstage coupling capacitors, I have not heard a 302 without but can tell you that the bass is indeed tight for an EL34 amplifier. For the money you can't beat it. Do try to listen before you leap, though! Jolida stuff is FUN.