Jolida 302B speaker recommendation 12/2/2011

I'm looking for new speaker recommendations for Jolida 302B. All of the other threads are 7-8 years old. I'm looking to spend $1500 (not opposed to used equipment). Looking for floorstanders or a bookshelf to go with me older 15" velodyne sub. I run a basis 2001/rega 900 turntable. Thanks.
try some Reference 3A de Capo's great with tubes
It depends on the type of sound you're looking for. Most people would say that you're going about this backwards, and should choose the speaker first, then an amp that mates well with it.

That said, the best pairing i've heard with the 302b is the Totem Arro, which is well within your budget. Other options include GMA Europas (disclaimer: I'm selling mine soon) and any Coincident speaker you can find in your price range.

A lot of it depends on your room and listening preferences, but since you have a sub I would say the Arro's are a great choice.

What kind of music? If jazz and classical, Rega R3s sounds great with that amp and acoustic music.
I listen to everything from jazz to alternative rock to vocals to bluegrass. Right now bands like DMB, The Avett Brothers, Black Keys, Decemberists, Sinatra, Hey Marseilles, and any number of jazz artists (solo vocalists included, i.e. Krall, etc.). I would prefer to not use the sub if I can get away with it. My room will be something in the realm of 12x18 or 14x18...the great room idea most homes have. Thanks for the responses so far.
Maybe best PSB's used might be best shot.
I'm using the Wharfedale 10.1 w/ the 202BRC - Sounds incredible. With the extra money, buy good Nordost speaker cables and upgrade the tubes!