Jolida 302

I have a Jolida 302A and lost the manual. Can anyone fax it to me? I have immediate ned for the bias levels and the placement of 12AX7 tubes. Have one channel out and need to replace tubes and rebias. Also, does anyone know how this model is different from the 302B? Input and directions to convert to triode? Thanks, Conrad Fax-208-727-6576
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The 12AX7 tubes go in the front two center sockets. Jolida recommends 40 mv +-4mv. Unsure about difference of B model. Convert to triode. Involves terminal 3 & 4. Disconnect wire to terminal 4 on socket and isolate. Connect a 100? 2 W resistor between terminal 3 & 4. Go to for additional info on tweaks for your amp Need more:
Puubie, thanks! You are a lifesaver! Conrad
As far as I know, the only differences between 302A and 302B are cosmetic. E-mail Jolida for the final word.
Yes, The only difference between the A & B series is cosmetic (Ilike the A series myself). You may want to wait on triod mod. Jolida may be coming out with an Integrated Triode amp soon.To keep in touch><>Jolida Dealer.