jolida 202 or 302?

I'm considering either the jolida 202 or 302 amp (which, by the way, easily beat all the ss I've tried in the price range). I've heard only the 302 and a modified 202 (by underwoodwally - top notch, highly recommended). Reportedly the stock 202 and 302 sound very similar. True? If so, why would anyone spend the extra $ for the 302? There's only 10W difference (40 for the 202 and 50 for the 302) which is hardly audible. THe 302 has balance control, but it costs almost $150 extra. Is there something I'm missing? (I do have quite inefficient speakers, but I don't listen very loud, have hardwood floors, smallish room - and besides, 10 watts difference?)
Yes, my speakers are inefficient (maybe around 86 - they're Tangent RS4s). But I have auditioned the 302 and the modified 202 with them, and I've not heard them sound so good before. So I'm sold on the tubes. It's true that I couldn't really crank the volume, but I don't do that much in any case. I figure I rather sacrifice the ability to crank as high as I sometimes (but not often) like in order to get that sound I heard from the Jolida. I did THINK I might have detected more headroom with the 302 over the 202, but wasn't sure why it should be noticible with only a 10W difference. (Besides, I auditioned a 40W Arcam that seemed to have no trouble with these speakers at the levels I listen to, so I figured I must just have been hearing what I expected to hear in power difference between the 302 and 202.) Hence my thread.

So, Trelja, your response begins to explain to me why I might not have been imagining things when I thought I detected more headroom with the 302. Right? It's not simply a matter of wattage (or the way it's measured, anyway)?
One more thing... Being new to tubes, I have lots of questions. How much difference could tubes make in making the 202 (or 302, for that matter) sound more powerful? For example, KT88s?
Hi Judasmac,
tubes can make a significant difference (Tube Rolling) but it's a very system depending thing and also of personal likings. And it's best decided by you after you hear different tube brands...
I went to my friend place yesterday,I heard the integrated
jolida tube amp $950, and jolida cd player for $900,I
am making a guest, the sound is the most live and most
natural sounding, I heard, The whole system is most
likely 5k, When I heard Eva Cassidy, I thought, She is
in the room with her band, Scary knowing, she is dead
years ago.Soorry I have not heard the 202 203, but
Jolida product shocks me,NO RELATION TO JOLIDA.
Jayctoy, was it a hybrid you heard (tube preamp with a ss power amp)? Maybe the 1501 or 1703/4? Definitely try the 202 and 302. I listened to the 1501 ($650-750 new) and thought it was a nice amp, but the all tube 302 was just qualitatively different. Superior, more natural. I wanted to like the 1501 (more power and a remote), but the choice was obvious after hearing both.