Jolida it really that good?

I'm looking for an integrated that to go along with my Triangle Cometes and MH CD25.2. I've heard from everyone that these speakers need tubes, so I've narrowed my list down to options with tubes between $500-$700.

Not sure if a hybrid will be "tubey" enough, but I'm strongly considering the Jolida 1701. I've read no negatives associated with this amp, and wondering what 1701 owners think. I'm interested in what you upgraded from/to and what your experience has been. I'm looking for an amp that will last for a long time, not just a stepping stone into tubes.
I use the Cometes with Primaluna PL2. I suspect you would get some nice sound with an all tube Jolida. Don't expect rumbling bass but the Cometes are great with tubes. I also have the MH CD25.2 and i get great bass listening to Warsaw Village Band.