Jolida 1701 Brc or McIntosh 2505?

Hello, I'm in a quandry and could use some input. I recently bought a Jolida 1701 Brc and I love it. My problem is as I was picking-up a Mac-1900 repair at the local shop, My eyes feasted over a fully refurbed Mc-2505 with a 90-day warranty. I had one before and my sellers remorse took over. I need to sell one of these as I have plenty of nice rigs and I did not need the extra unit. So should I keep my 2505 with a tube preamp? Or use my new Jolida 1701 with it's tube preamp for a similar hybrid tube / Solid State combination? Thanks for any help, Phil Mitchell
What do you think? You have your system, your room and all we have is a guess. Best way to decide is play both with the music you like and the one that makes you smile is the winner.
Thanks for the help Digepix...I have already spent a good bit of time doing just that and each combination sounds very good. The McIntosh MC 2505 is paired-up with a quite simple Aric Audio 3.7 with 2 NOS Amperex Bugle Boy 12au7's,An ALPS potentiometer and a selector has a phono section and has no sound of it's own so it's like the band is doing direct to disk or in the room. It adds no noise or colorization. The Jolida is very clean with only a volume & a selector switch with 2 new Tung Sols in the preamp and 100 WPC Mosfet amp-side. Hence the dilemma. I need to sell one of them, Thanks Everybody.