Jolida 1501RC with 6 or 4 ohm speaker...

Will the Jolida be able to handle the load of a 6 or 4 ohm speaker?
What did Jolita say when you told them the speakers you intend to mate to it?
I've had no problems driving 4 ohm Totem speakers with a Jolida 1301 (30 wpc). I think you'll be fine if the speakers don't drop much below 4 ohms. I listen at low to moderate levels.
I have been running a 1501RC with a pair of large custom speakers I built 10 years ago. They are about a 2.5 ohm load and I would say they have over 15,000 hours together without a bit of trouble. The 1501 is still running the original tubes even.
I'm discovering how very good Jolida is. As with all brands, it seems that some pieces are better than others. Often, the less pretentious the better.
Thanks for your responses, I didn't end up going tube but when my budget allows I'll start experimenting with them.