Jolida 1501 RC

Have just been to a web page about this integrated amp and it sounds like something special for the money. Anyone here heard it and what did you think? Reviewers seem to really like it but you never know about them so am hoping to get unbiased opinions here. Have a fair ht setup but want more out of my music. Denon avr2800 just isn't giving what I want. Have discussed adding an amp but most seem to feel a seperate system would give better results. Space is a consideration so was thinking an integrated might be a good compromise for the time being and the Jolida might fit the bill. All suggestions appreciated.
i was just in the market for an integrated amp myself.
i heard the 30 watt hybrid from jolida , and was so impressed with it i had to hear the 1501 rc. my dealer
got one is a few weeks later, and i was somewhat disappointed. its not that it was bad, just was as impressed as i was with the smaller one. the smaller one had more of the tube sound than the 1501. the build quality
appeared excellent for the price i must add though.
(and its a heavy sucker too)
i do have to tell you, the same day i heard the 1501rc, i also heard the asl 1003dt. from the first track i heard
i knew the was the amp i wanted, and i took it home.
its all tubes, and roughly the same price as the 1501.
hope this helped you out .
trust your ears, not the reviewers, and you'll be rewarded.
I owned the 1701 and was unimpressed. I felt there was a lack of bass and the soundstage was unfocused. I have a Primare A10 that I would recommend as a mid-price integrated. There is a dealer on audiogon selling them new for $795 - good price.
Thanks! Was hoping to get thoughts from owners or people who had auditioned so your input is appreciated.