Jolida 1501 RC

Im looking for comments on this int amp? How does it compare with the likes of NAD, Cambridge or other Jolida products? Thanks
I am sure if you search the forums / internet you are bound to find something.
I owned the 1501A many years ago and I found it to be very musical, but not very resolving. NAD and Rotel integrated amps that I've owned did not have the "bloom" that the 1501A had. I think it's a great value and a good place to start. For my tastes today, I'd pick NAD or Rotel.
I've had one in our great room for the last 4 years that the family uses for movies and occasional music. No problems, non fatiguing, warm, but not very resolving. Overall, a good product at it's price point... and I'd choose it over a Rotel product of a similar price.
i would choose the jolida over the rotel or NAD. i have listened to the 1501 but have multiple jolida 1301's and a 1701 that i think are better than the 1501. the 1701 has a remote, the 1301's don't.
Bob, did you roll tubes on the 1501RC? I read your comments in other threads and can tell that you're not a fan. I am seriously considering this amp for a 3rd system with Energy RC-50s for movies and some music with a Velodyne servo sub.

rnstehno, interesting that you prefer the 1301 to the 1501 since they seem like they're cut from the same cloth with the 1501 being much more powerful.
Eugene, I did replace the stock input tubes with some NOS tubes from Upscale audio. I don't recall that having any appreciable effect. You can tell I'm not a fan of what?

I really enjoyed the 1501. It was a good early experience; learned a lot. The 1501 is what it is -- a relatively inexpensive hybrid integrated amp. It's not a piece I would consider today.

I also used it with a Velodyne sub using speaker level connections and that did not work out well at all. It was my first attempt using a sub and biased me against them for many years. Now I'm a huge fan, but I will avoid speaker level connections.
I recently purchased a 1501D with tube rectification, from

The tubes and the signal caps in this amp were pure hell listen to (i.e. harsh and fatiguing). After a pair of Mullards and V-Caps, the 1501D is a pleasure to spend time with.