Jolida 1501 amp experiences/opinions

Hi All

I'm based in the uk and its not possible to demo the hybrid jolida 1501RC amp.

I currently have a roksan caspian amp and would like to know if getting the jolida would be too much of a sideways move. I'm attracted to the warmer tubey sound, even though the caspian isn't bad at being smooth, though sometimes it has too much of an edginess to it, esp. with the revealing dynaudio contours 1.3 mk2 speakers I have.

Any thoughts/experiences of the jolida would be appreciated (also how it may compare to an audio analogue puccini se, or unison unico)

I got my 1501rc to replace an arcam a65plus. I run it with sovtek tubes and JmLabs Chorus 706. The tubes really help to smooth out the metal tweeters. In my small bedroom the sound rocked. I listen to all kinds of music and this amp had good bass, decent soundstage, great midrange and highs.
This amp grooves and gets you into the music. It doesnt have the tightest grip on bass but for me its acceptable. What kind of music do you like? Check out Joe's tube FAQ on to give you a good idea about some tubes sound.