Jolida 102B with Athena S3 speakers?

Hey all. I'm new to the non-big box audio game. I'm currently using an Onkyo receiver and Athena S3 speakers ( I've always preferred the sound of tubes vs. SS when it came to guitar amps, so I'm thinking about moving to tubes here as well and keeping the Onkyo for surround sound stuff.

How would the Jolida 102B (or other small, relatively inexpensive integrated amp) fit with the Athena S3? I like these speakers and this seems like an easy way to get into the tube world. My listening area is appx. 13' * 18'. I don't listen too loudly. I'd like to have 3 sets of inputs (CD/SACD/DVD-A, Squeezebox, turntable) Thanks for the help!
I imagine you ought to be alright pairing a 102B with your athenas as long as you don't listen to your system loudly, don't need substantial bass depth and/or authority, and don't listen to complex music.

Really, if I were you I would try to save up and get the 302 or 502, or maybe one of the hybrids if you're not dead set on an all-tube design. You'll get more power, bass weight, and versatility with compatible speakers.
Just my opinion; like you, I only took my plunge into tubes a little over a year ago. Good news is that I'm VERY satisfied with my decision.