Jolida 102B vs. 1501a for Triangle Cometes

This is a followup to an earlier post where I asked what amplification and cd player combo under $1k would work best with Triangle Cometes. After going over comments and doing some research, I've decided to go with a Jolida integrated amp and MH CD25.2. I think this combo should do my speakers justice and give me a very enjoyable system for years.

So my last decision is whether to target the "hybrid" 1501 or all tube 102B. Clearly they are very different beasts but both are well reviewed. My concerns are typical of a first time tube buyer. The 102B should work with my efficient Triangles, but I don't want (much) bass loss since the Triangles are far from boomers. With the 1501, I don't want to go half way with tubes if something better can be had at a similar price.

Unfortunately I don't have ability to demo these pieces before purchase. I don't think I can really go wrong with either, but as usual, if people have experience with both/either amps I'd appreciate your thoughts.
I believe you should also consider the small hybrid Jolida 1301. You'd be amazed by how spacious and musically involving it is. It's so good and so cheap that you could add a small subwoofer if necessary. I'm very satisfied with a Sunfire HRS-8 paired with relatively insensitive Totem minimonitors. I also have the MH CD25.2 in this bedroom system and find the CDP benefits greatly from the inexpensive Gutwire B-16 power cord. By the way, my bedroom is not a small room and this system really fills the room with excellent sound. -Lars-
i agree with the 1301. i also have a 1301 teamed up with totem inwalls and a sub in my den. plays bigger than what you might a 30 watt will do.
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I've heard from a knowledgeable friend, in whose ears I trust, that the 1301 sounds considerably better than the 1501. However, he unequivocally prefers the current, considerably upgraded 102B. It outputs only 20 wpc, but they are tube watts. -Lars-
i just purchased a jolida 1701. NICE! thing is built like a tank. the 1301 is also amazing for such a small unit. the 1701 isn't that small. i upgraded the tubes to electro-harmonix, big difference over the factory tubes. what is also nice is that you get 2 remote controls, 1 made out of metal and the other plastic.