Jolida 102b Speaker Recommendations

I recently acquired a Jolida 102b tube (EL84) integrated amp. Factory specs say it is 20 watts per channel, some say a bit less maybe 15 wpc. Looking to hear from anyone who has owned/heard this amp with speakers that were a good match for this amp. I have read that the Klipsch Heresy speakers are a good match. I would prefer to go with a vintage speaker if possible, but will consider anything used under about $500/pr. I am somewhat handy with speakers and can refoam drivers and upgrade crossovers. Thanks.
Vintage KLH sound good with tubes, I recently heard a pr of KLH-17 running of a EE with 8 watts a side , string and brass tone was very good.
I have used Heresys which actually fill your outlined description if you are looking at the original or first series speakers. You won't get a lot of bass. If you aren't going to play them loudly and you listen fairly nearfield the world is your oyster. Remember most amps from the "golden age" of hi-fi wre el-84 based. Right now I am using a Fisher 400 receiver, that uses 7868s a close relative to the el-84. I happen to be using Hyperion 585s to good effect. If you want to fil;l a big room then sensitivities in the 90 DBs/W/M are in order. I have old LaScalas that will do it and old JBLs both of which were designed for power like this. They exceed your price limits and to be very honest bass performance from these speakers is not great. You may want to use a powered sub to help the lower octaves fill out.
I have heard this little amp with a pair of Sound Dynamics RTS-3 speakers and couldn't beleive the sound they produced. Harry Pearson (The Absolute Sound Editor) was smitten by this small low cost speaker saying it was the best little speaker he had ever heard.. You can pick up a pair of the RTS-3's for about $150 or less.
Energy Veritas v6.2 floorstander has 93.5 db efficiency 8ohm and you can get it for less than $500.

You can give it a try with your 20watts amp before you make your purchase
I have a 15 wpc EL84 Vista Audio have used Ref 3A de Capos which are amazing and a nice pair of Klipsch Quartets very similar to the forte/chorus but smaller.
ESL's like Quad, and possibly Martin Logan's are good choices. Single (full range) drivers are something to look into, as well as a few Tannoy's.

Good luck.
Don't even think about Martin Logan's. they are as far from bring low power friendly as can be. Owned 3 pairs. Cls2z, sl3, aerius-I.
I used a friend's Jolida tube amp with EL34's with Vandersteen 1b speakers for awhile a few years back. I was bowled over at how good that setup sounded. Soundstage, imaging, depth, tonal balance were all quite good. If I had not been in the middle of big time upgrading (and using the 1b's while waiting for some new speakers to come in), I could have lived with the 1b's and Jolida. Don't expect rock concert levels out of small speakers and a small tube amp. That ain't happening.
Hope this helps.