Jolida 102B - enough power for Smaller Advents?

I've got an old pair of Smaller Advent speakers that I'm planning on having restored (new foam, etc.). I'm currently looking at an amp to drive them, and thinking about going tube. Although I've never owned a tube power amp before, I'm familiar with the sound of tubes in recording equipment, and I think I would really enjoy a tube amp in my listening system. Based on what I've been reading, Jolida looks like the best deal in my pricerange (ca. $700). However, there doesn't seem to be a Jolida dealer in my area - all the "audiophile" shops around here seem to want to sell me a home theater receiver! Therefore, I haven't been able to audition the amplifier, and I haven't been able to figure out if it would adequately drive the Advents (via the 4 ohm taps, of course).
I don't need thunderous volume. Sources would be my Oppo universal player, and maybe a turntable (through an external phono preamp). I listen to classical, indie rock, and jazz, pretty much in that order. Thanks!
I have owned a Jolida 102b for 3 years and while it is an excellent amplifier it would probably not be a good match for Smaller Advents. Smaller Advents are extremely low impedance (nominal is 4 ohms)and current hungry as hell. The Jolida 102 will output (despite what the specs say) about 18 watts per channel on a good day and while the transformers do have 4 ohm taps the power supply was never meant for a load like that presented by Smaller Advents.
Don't get me wrong the 102b is one of the great values in audio today and mine is on the never sell list. It also uses EL84 output tubes which are inexpensive and easy to find (use the Russian 6P14P's they cost next to nothing and work well in the Jolida)and virtually all brands sound good.It also responds well to tube rolling of the driver/input tubes. I really cannot say enough good things about the amp it's just the match with your speakers.....
This is a textbook case of two really good components that most likely will not work well together. Good luck and if you do it anyway let us know how it works out stranger things have happened.

Regards, Jerry
Thanks, that's kind of what I was afraid of. I'm guessing that if I want to use the Smaller Advents, I'd have to go solid-state. I probably don't have the funds to buy the Jolida as well as a new pair of speakers, but assuming I did, what would be a reasonably-priced pair that can be decently driven by the 102b?
Well, I got it straight from the horse's mouth, as it were. According to an email I received from Jolida, the 102B will have trouble with speakers rated at less than 88 dB sensitivity. According to some specs I found, the Smaller Advent is rated at around 83 dB.
I wouldn't waste my time with the small advents unless it was just for nostalgia's sake. They just do not sound as good as today's speaker designs. They are constrained and muddeled in comparison. The little Jolida would match well with a set of bookshelf Triangles or Focals which are both highly efficeint and can be found used in the $300 to $500 range.

I've been using my 102b (w/factor mods) with the Green Mountain Audio Europa Max’s with very nice results. Used GMA Europa (not the Max) sell for around $500. Great value for the money.
I run a Dyna ST-70 on the small Advents. I use them as studio monitors in my electronic music lab. I am always out of power! and my room is really small, 9 x 11 feet.

If you are planning an amp like that, I would get a set of ZU Druids or the like. They will have the same bandwidth as the Advents, no worries there! -and you'll have plenty of power.
Thanks, everyone, for your input. Since I actually already own the Advents and do not own the Jolida, I'll be looking for a different amp, rather than a different set of speakers. I do understand that there are better speakers (and certainly more efficient ones) out there, but the whole point of putting this system together was to make use of some old Advents I had lying around. Hoopster - part if it is nostalgia. They were my Dad's and I grew up listening to them. Atmasphere, I'm also a composer/recording engineer, and much as I do genuinely like the Smaller Advents, I can't imagine using them as monitors. When I get around to replacing my my studio monitors (not happening for awhile), I'll probably try to go B&W (600 series or so).
Anyway, can anyone recommend a sub-$1000 tube amp that can drive the Smaller Advents? If this helps, according to Stereophile's measurements, the Smaller Advents' impedance never dips below 4 Ohms (regardless of frequency), and they measured the sensitivity at around 84.5 dB. The recommended minimum power is 15 W into 4 Ohms (though of course I'm guessing I'll want more than that). The room is pretty mall - maybe 12 x 12 with a fairly low ceiling. I live in a city row house, so I rarely crank anything.
However, unless anyone has any suggestions for tube amps that would work, I'm thinking I'll have to go SS. I'm looking into Rotel, Music Hall, Musical Fidelity, Outlaw Audio, and maybe NAD. I'd also be open to cool vintage suggestions (old McIntosh, Pioneer, Marantz, maybe?)
How about the Jolida JD1501a Hybrid at 100watts per channel it should be adequate for your Advents and still give you a taste of tubes at a reasonable price. Most of the comments have been positive and it might be worth a look. I don't think you will be able to find a pure "tube" amp in your price range that will be able to drive your Advents unless you get a real deal on a used amp. But good luck in any case.

Matyas, I too just had the speakers lying around. I find them wildly inaccurate- about all they are good for is figuring out if I have the notes right :)

Unless you have very modest requirements (very small room, near-field listening, background music only, that sort of thing) you will not find a budget-minded tube amp to drive them. I recommend 60 watts as a good minimum, although my ST-70 is driving them OK. A set of Dyna MkIIIs might do the job, but if you find a set they will need to be rebuilt- that might cost you all of your budget right there!
Jerry, I'm looking into the 1501. I don't know too much about hybrid amps, but that might be a good way to go. In the recording world hybrid gear tends to get slammed - things like hybrid microphone preamps usually don't run the tubes at full voltage and include the tubes more as a marketing device than an amplification device. However, I suspect things might be a little different with this beast - looks like it's not too different than using a tube preamp with an SS power amp. I've also seen some deals on the Jolida 502 - supposedly offers 60 watts. Could that (or a similar amp) do the trick?
60 watts is probably marginal with the Advents but it could be ok depending on room size, listening levels etc. I would imagine price is still a factor but the 1501 and 1501RC already give you a option regarding renotes.
I have a Jolida 102B and it is an amazing little amp for the price. I and a lot of my friends use it with the equally amazing (for the price)Sound Dynamics RTS -3 (now discontinued but used on Audigon for ~ $150-$200)in either a second system or in our shore or mountain house. Add a used sub like a Velodyne ULD 15 ($400) or maybe a REL Storm III ($800) and for about $1200-$1300 bucks total you have a system that will blow away a lot of high end systems.
There are a couple of TAD 60s on sale at A-gon. I drove Vandy 2CE Sigs which are about 86DB to room filling classic rock without pushing them hard. You might query Paul Gryzbek about that. Other than that try to find a McOrmack DNA-.5 or 1 or the later B&K amps.