Jolida 102 and Epos ELS-3--Good match?

Ok I know the 102 is only 20watts and that my spkrs are 4ohm but I did listen to a 302 with Epos M5 and it was like peanut butter and jelly--mmm good. I'm currently using a Nad 304 but long for that bottle magic again.(Have had Anthem amp1,AE-3,Aronov LS9000, AR LS-7 in the past). I have read that using 89db spkrs is recommended with the Jolida 102 but this amp has taps for 4ohm unlike the 304. I would like to hear from users in similar situations before I make a decision. Thanks and good listening.
I have a Jolida 102B that I have used with the Epos ELS-3 and currently drive a pair of Spendor S 3/5's with it. It sounds good with both and phenomonally good with the Spendors considering their ~ 84db effeciency. I have a friend who runs a pair of Sound Design RTS-3 with his Jolida 102 with alarmingly good results. The EL 84 (6BQ5)tube is magic like in some of the old Scotts amps.
Thanks Bbro, Having this info helps me make a final decision. Enjoy the music.