Jolida 100cdp and tube rolling choices

I posted the same inquiry in 2005; however, six years later there may have been new developments in tube availablity that may warrant a re-look into 12ax7 tubes for the Jolida.

I am looking for the best sound possible from this player, I am currently using Full Music tubes which seem okay, but not special.. The original manufacture tubes have way too much syrupy sound for me, looking for balanced sound with just the right elements of each area to present thaat live performance effect.

I am hoping I can get recommendations on either NOS tubes or new manufactured such as the re-issue Genalax.

I am looking for 3-d soundstage, silky mids, and good bass
After looking at the jolida specs. it is a 24/96 player which by today's standards is outdated?? Should I look at a 24/196 player? Are they any in the sub 1k price range that would top the jolida sonically? The Cambridge 840c gets rave reviews but I cannot use balanced outputs where it excels... any other recommendations?
I have a Underwood Lvl 1 modded version. I currently use Telefunken tubes. I recently bought a pair of long plate blackburn Mullards. I switched from a tube amp to solid state and am looking to add a bit of warmth back. So, I'm switching over my preamp and cd player to Mullard tubes.
Still waiting for the Mullards to arrive. My friend has a Marantz ?8004? cd player. It's within your price range. It sounds very nice and has lot's of feature which allow hook up to an ipod.... so forth.