Jolida 100 vs Eastern Minimax

Looking to buy one of these two or any recommendations for cd player around 1200-1500...
If you can spend that much, you might instead look at Cary, Naim, Muse, or the sort. I replaced my JD-100 with an Audio Aero Prima, and could not be happier.

The Jolida is an excellent player, but if you are willing to spend $1500 you can get better authority and dynamics from other players.
I agree with Boa2 in that there are several other options at your price range. Naim CD5, Cary 308T to name a couple. I picked up an Audio Note CD3.1x here on A-gon (towards the upper end of your price range) and am very pleased. Excellent dynamics, great bass and midrange and a silky smooth presentation. BTW, I had previously posted over at AA asking for opinions on how my AN player compares to the Jolida and EE players and those that had heard all three said the Audio Note smoked the others. Of course, YMMV.

Good luck!
I recently replaced a Jolida JD100 with a Consonance 2.2 and Quad 99 CDP. Both are a solid improvement over the Jolida, without costing much more used.
The MiniMax Cd player is now $899
The minimax blows away the jolida in my system, It is just smoother, more extended, more musical, and plays HDCD. I use Amperex A frame orange logos now, a bit more detailed than the bugle boys. Tube rolling is real easy, and a blast. And for what Bill is selling them for, its a downright bargain.
I noticed no one here mentioned the Jolida 100 level 1 or 2 mods.Has anyone had experience with the modded version of this player with some of the players you are mentioning?I own the level 1 mod from underwood hi fi and think it sounds amazing.I also have GE NOS 5751's in there and they really made it sound great.
I picked mine up used for $900 and the modded version is said to have more authority and bass weight etc..which are some of the things i am hearing it was lacking in it's original state.
That being said i have never heard any of the players mentioned here either so that is where i am at but i am not lacking for bass and i am a bass player.
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