JoLida 100 potential problem

Hi there,

Yesterday I recieved my Rca tubes and I immdiately installed them. Easy enough to do enough though it's pretty cramped inside maybe it's due to my level-2 mod. On to my question when I installed the new tubes and put back the metal sheaths I tried to tighten the screws but was unable to do so. I left them unscrewed in this state can a problem what so ever occur. I'm mostly concerned when moving the player that the screws will pop out.


you should have not removed any screws. The metal cover just twists off if you look at it carefully on the Jolida JD100a cd player.

You will need to carefully remove the circuit board and reattach the base for the metal covers as the nuts have probably fallen off the backside of the circuit board. The metal sheaths are spring loaded and I assume help minimize tube vibrations or microphonics.


Thanks for getting back to me. I guess I screwed up by loosening the screws. I'm not very electronically inclined so removing the circuit board is not an option right now. I can at the most leave it as is.

Upon first inspection it didn't appear that the tube base and the base of the metal sheath are connected , so removing the metal base that the sheaths connect to will be easier for me any thoughts on how I should do this.

Tube microphonics and dampening is not an issue as I can buy if need be third party products such as Hal-O's and if they also deal with heat dispersion all the better.


It's pretty tricky to re-tighten those screws because, as pauly said, there are nuts on the back side of the circuit board. When I tightened mine, I loosened the board and pulled it up just enough to get a wrench under the cicuit board. It's tough because the wires going to the output jacks are very short, but it can be done without completely removing the circuit board.
Thanks again for the info. What about removing the whole base can it be done. If I can help it I'd rather not have to loosen the circuit board. This is more trouble than I bargained for lol.

You can do it :)

Disconnect the connectors on the circuit board, remove the screws, and lift it up enough to gain access to the nuts on the bottom of the board. A small wrench set will help hold the nuts when you tighten the screws.
Occasionally it helps to locktite[blue] or silicone the nuts so they dont move around as you fiddle.....good luck,Bob

You the man your advice worked like a charm I was able to tighten 3 out 4 screws. The last one came undone completely red washer and all. I tried but it is nearly impossible to do the last one by myself. Turned it on and it plays beautifully.

Thanks again for the encouragement if it wasn't 1:00am I'd celebrate.