Jolida 100 or Music Hall CD25

I was wondering which unit you guys think is the better sounding unit of these two?Currently I am using the Music Hall 25, but have read some good things of the Jolida.I was wondering if that would be a significant improvement over the Music Hall.My amp is a Joida 202A modified by parts conncection.
I have both. I much prefer the sound of the Jolida over the Music Hall. That being said, the Music Hall has slightly greater extention both high and low. Not so much that it is readily noticeable.

Compared to the MH25, the Jolida is more musical. Just the right touch of distortion from the tubes to make the sound "real". Both my Jolida and my MH25 have been modified by PartsConnexion, and my Jolida was further improved drastically when I added Sylvania 5751 3 Mica Black Plate Tubes. Difficult to beat and you can adjust the sound with different tubes.

Hope it helps.
I have owned the stock MH25 and now own a RAM/Dan Wright modded MH25 with the tube output stage.

The stock player was very good, the modded one is great. I have not heard the Jolida, would very much like too though.

FWIW, Response Audio sells both the Jolida and the RAM modded Music Hall, might want to touch base with them on characteristics of both.

Good Luck,

I agree with Rcj1231 above, as I have owned both of these modded players as well. For many reasons, I chose to keep the Jolida. Bottom line is it is more Musical and Real. The Music Hall began to wear on me. It's got Drive, but is too Hyped. And the ergonomics of the player are poor in my opinion.

I also second the 5751 tubes! Vocals are superb. These tubes are getting harder to find though. I run a solid state amp. So I can not comment on how these would sound with tube amp.

Good Luck!

While others disagree, my friend also owns both, and clearly prefers the Music Hall. I myself, would also give the nod to the Music Hall, despite its lower price.
I recently purchased a used MH CD-25 with the Level 1+ mod. Haven't had it long enough to make any final judgements on it, but first impressions are that it has a great mid-range and nice extension on both ends, Having said that, the bass response is not as quick or defined as I would have liked.

I'm curious whether my first impressions are consistent with what other MH owners hear. I'm trying some different interconnects, but not getting the response I need yet. Any suggestions from other owners? I'm currently using a Crown Macro Reference to drive Ty's 7U speakers.
I own the Jolida, running Sylvania Gold Label triple micas. I love it's sound much better than the MH. That said, you could upgrade your cord to a relatively inexpensive Chris VenHaus cryoed Flavor 1 power cord - I bet the improvement will be quite noticeable, esp. in the bass. My Jolida's bass tightened up noticably with this upgrade. VenHaus is very approachable and more than willing to talk. Happy listening!