Jolida 100 level 2 mod?

Would like to know if anyone has the JD 100 level 2 by Wally from underwood. How does it sound, warm, bright, neutral? Does it make some of your bad cd's sound good? I have a few cd's that in the voice dept sound good but in the music area sounds a bit harsh, poor quality recordings may be the issue.

Anyway, I would like to hear from those that actually have the JD 100. Wally also offers the Raysonic tube cd player but its new in the market and i dont know if it will have a good reputation in the years to come. I just upgraded my whole tube system to Jolida 1000RC, VR2's speakers and dh labs cable products, all that I am missing is a good cd player. My budget is $1, to $1,500

I had the unmodified version and the level 1 version. To tell you the truth I very onestly liked the unmodified version better.
I have the Jolida JD-100 with the level 1 mod from Wally. Of all the cd players I have had or tried ( CAL, Sony, )the JD-100 is much better tonally. I have heard the Audio Research and it is very good, perhaps better. I still prefer my turntable but the JD-100 is the only cd player I have owned that I can listen to for an hour or two seriously not casually. I have had it now for about 3 years and it has not given me any trouble.
I have the JD 100 with the level 2 mod from PartsConnexion. I got it with the level one mod and sent it in for a level 2 mod and clock upgrade. I can say it does sound cleaner with the level 2 mod. More important are the tubes you use. I have NOS Sylvania 5751 3 mica blackplates. Outstanding tubes. I tried about 10 other sets. Like Saygrr, I can listen to this CD player endlessly. It truly give gives my vinyl rig (VPI TNT, ET-2.5, Shelter 90X) a run for the money.