Jolida 100 cdp

I have a Jolida 100 cdp with stock chinese tubes. My system include B&K ST-202 with B&K Pro10MC sonota pre-amp, Alon II speakers. My listening habits include blues, jazz and indy bands. Looking to upgrade tubes to best suite system and listening habits. Are the RCA 5751 triple mica back plates the answer?
Here is my take thus far: Ive tried several types compared to the stock Chinese tubes( which are not too bad sounding IMO) EH tubes were too bright in the highs...Next I tried GE 3x mica grey plate 5751 and found them better resolving..but no better in the highs( slightly wirey)...then on to some Raytheon 5751 windmill getter BP types.. Much improved from the GE and smooth on top. but a little too recessed for my tastes.It lacked the stock tubes bloom. Finally found the RCA's and to my ears this tubes is the best resolving with smooth highs and excellent bass..a bit more bloom in the lower mids.
This morning I stuck in a pair of Ei Yogoslav's and I think this tube is the answer for me. I combines all the bloom and 3D soundstage and deep bass of the stock tubes although it does not have focus and the resolution of the RCA's. The highs are more open than the RCA's but have the non fatiguing smooth highs that I like. I will live with this tube awhile and see how it does on all types of music.

The nice thing about these are thier availablity and the low cost. They sell new for about $9.00 a tube. and I bough my new pair off the GoN at $6.60 a tube!( check the ad's.. and you'll find them) They are a steal at that price and will give you a taste of the RCA's but with more bloom and a open highs. All they really lack is some resolution and focus which I can live with... Thats my take thus far! :)Ken
When I first tried tube swapping I tried several tubes and I narrowed it down to either the Telefunken smooth plate 12AX7 tubes or Mullard CV4004 tubes. I ended up choosing the Mullards and I have run them for over a year without a desire to swap them out.
I concur with Kehut on this; the Ei's are the best value in tubes that are currently in production for this player. I installed them three weeks ago after trying EH, Sovtek LPS and JJ's and the sound keeps better and better as they settle in.
Try the 1961 Sylvania 12ax7 that Upscale Audio sells. At $40 a pair you could be pleased by the width, depth and warmth these tubes bring to your CD player.

Of course, YMMV.

Kehut and/or Stevecham,
Took your advice, purchased Ei's 12ax7 EG - sound more detailed, but doesn't seem to have the same warmth as the stock tubes?
try the sylvania 3 mica black plate 5751s. I love them but they tend to go for some $$$ now. Arthur
Dvdgreco, I just got the EI Elites and find just as much detail, but not more, than the EH I tried prior. As to warmth, agree it is not "tubey-warm" but it is a natural-sounding tube that takes nothing away from the music. Nothing 'cool' about it. The stock Jolida tube will give you warmth but take away a lot of other things.
I second Aball's opinion on the Sylvania triple mica blackplates 5751s. I note I picked up a pair of Sylvania Gold Label JHS 5751WA to use in my Jolida. I subsequently acquired a back up pair of Sylvania Yellow Label JHS 5751WA about a year later (same as the Gold Label Sylvanias, just different colored printing), and during the year the price had gone up considerably.

Best of luck with your tube rolling, and sorry about your wallet. Also, you can check out my virtual system for comments about the numerous tubes I've rolled in the JD100.
I rolled CV4004 Mullards into mine with excellent results.