Jolida 02 PAny Info On The Jolida 502 P Power Amp

Need Info On The Jolida 502 P Tube Amp
what do you need to know?? they are being sold right here on agon. just type in jolida502p on home page search bar. all the info you need
Here is information on the Jolida JD502P amplifier.
Google is your friend.
Hi Ron8773

There are a bunch of members that own the Jolida 502P amp that are active on the forum. Please double check the A'gon archives for those discussions. Lots of various tidbits written about this amp over the years. I own one and enjoy it. If you want you can shoot me a PM also. I'll reply when I can.
I agree that there are a dearth of professional reviews of this amp, so you are forced to dip into the muddy waters of gear forums. I offer this: I chose a new 502p in 2012 because the factory upgrades were cheap (not sure if it needed that, but it made me feel better), it's the only tube amp anywhere near its price to have XLR inputs, the model had recently been improved/updated, it has 8 and 4 ohm speaker outs, it seems to be well regarded by all but the most snooty among the audio comunity, the Jolida MD dudes (including the company owner, Mikey) are accessable on the phone for a litany of stupid questions, and NOBODY makes a tube amp this good anywhere near its price, even with the factory upgrades. The thing is powerful (note that if it's NOT powerful enough, you can buy 2 and run each in mono for about twice the power...and still they cost about half of anything comparable), quiet, looks cool, and sounds glorious.
I like my Jolida 102B and Phono pre amp ,Great support from owner Mike as well.