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It happened to me last night. I was moving my CD collection and a disk called my attention since it's been quite a while I played it: The Simon and Garfunkel Collection.

Not good sounding, low volume BUT what a nice change of pace, fresh, moody got me singing along.....

Hasn't it happened to you that you go into a "circle" of frequently played music and there are many worth a listen in your collection boonies.

I propose to share one or two records that could be nice to fellow 'goners having in the menu for listening.

Let's start building the menu..

I did a similar thing recently with a recent vinyl listening session. I came across a couple of Gino Vanelli albums that were purchased as cutouts years ago - 'Brother to Brother' and 'Pauper in Paradise'. At the time I played the crap out of them as I was just beginning to explore jazz and came across Gino's work, not particularly for his vocals but for the interesting jazz/pop/fusion layering of his sound. Much more substance to his music other than the single "I Just Want to Stop" For example, side 2 of 'Pauper in Paradise' (the title track) is a 4 movement piece recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Great stuff.

That's exactly the kind of information exchange I'm looking for, very interesting I haven't really payed attention to Vanelli. Thanks for your input

Here goes another one that I bumped into last night:

Group Madredeus from Portugal
Title Existir
Label Metro Blue
Catalog number 0 777 7 94647 2 2

Very nice recorded music Fado type acoustic, Teresa Salgueiro has a very nive voice. Think you might find smples in the regular places to hear.....

C'mon audiogoners it is about music!!!!!!!
Ry Cooder--Paradise and Lunch
Emerson Lake & Palmer, self-titled...played late one nite a few weeks ago. Sometimes when I get into a listening rut, I'll close my eyes and point to a CD jewel case in the rack & then play it, whatever it is.
Yeah I did it! Found a vinyl radio station audition copy of Joe Sample "Rainbow Seeker" OOOH MAN!