I first saw him live in 1968 and he has always been my favorite guitarist of all times. I play his music every time I use my system. R.I.P. Johnny Winter
Johnny was my all-time favorite Texas blues guitarist. He was from Beaumont and Janis was from Port Arthur. There must be something about the refinery towns that gives you unspeakable blues.
I love his song "Dallas," played on a National steel-bodied resonator guitar, from his first Columbia LP. Yeah, baby. Johnny, thanks for everything. Rest in peace.
Johnny...thanks for tunes! R.I.P...
Yeah, that's bad news. What a great player.
Ironic or not, my favorite album is: "Still Alive and Well"
R.I.P. Mr. Winters.
Have tickets for his 8/3 concert in Red Bank, NJ. What a loss of a great blues master.
A great talent lost, R.I.P..