Johnny Smith recordings

I just got Johnny Smith's Moonlight in Vermont, featuring Stan Getz, Zoot Sims and Bob Carter. The music is amazing and delightful, but the recording is fuzzy and distorted badly. Mine is a 1991 release from EMI/Roulette Jazz. Are there other versions with better fidelity? And, while we're at it, any recommendations regarding Johnny's other discs?
Johnny Smith, a great artist. For those who want 'more' look around for the Mosaic five cd set. I have that set and believe it has all the most important work he ever did. Also, since Smith was a studio musician his work appears on many other recordings, of which I do not think anyone ever did a listing. That would be a great project for someone to do who appreciates Smith's work.
thanks for the response. I'll look for the Mosaic discs. Maybe the material from Moon Over Vermont will be on it and sound better.