Johnny Cash

Sitting here with too much time and doing some much needed listening. I cued up the American IV The man comes around, Man ! What a powerful album! Great sonics and the music is just awesome. The Nine inch nails cover of hurt was just powerful. The man definitely had what it takes to stir a soul. What are we doing to have when all the greats are gone? LOL, I reckon new greats. Johnny you are missed RIP!
Favorite Johnny Cash songs anyone?

Mine is still "Pick the Wildwood Flower" I think.
There are so many great Cash songs that it's hard to pick just one. It's a tie between "Flesh And Blood" and "Sunday Morning Coming Down".
Nine Inch Nails did an amazing cover of "Hurt." I didn't really listen to Johnny's music before then, but started to and started liking (most of) what I heard. Not really a CW fan, but he transcends the tired genre.