Johnny Cash Discography

Thanks to everyone who provided guidance on Merle Haggard cds. I now happily own a bunch of them.

I'm now moving on to Johnny Cash. What cds should I own? I'm looking for original full-length recordings, not compilations or "best of" cds.
You could always go to and do a search for Johnny Cash and many times you can listen to audio samples.

There have been a few threads before on Johny Cash:

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To these, I would also add the Highwayman album from 1986.


Johnny Cash most creative and influencial period was when he vas with Sun Records and Columbia. The Bear Family label (out of Germany) has issued all the original recordings of the "Man in Black" with superb sound and original packaging, including recording information. imports all the Bear Family recordings into the U.S.

I hope this helps....
A great 2 CD set of Cash's early years.
The Essential Johnny Cash
My faves are American Recordings and Folsom and San Quentin.
I was just watching a dvd of his tv series at my brother's house and it was really fun to see. Picture and sound both varied in how bad they sucked, but it was great anyway. His guests included Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, the Guess Who, Jonie Michell...just to get started. Cash along with the Smothers Brothers Show and the Glen Cambell Good Time Hour featured the coolest acts around back in the day. Fun to remember and a treat to watch now.
Although their are many albums by this guy, he had one truly amazing album that I can not find on cd. In fact I am taking a hacked copy my mother owned and transferring it to digital as I can not find the cd anywhere. The name of the album is "Man in black" and it is from around the early seventies and has Billy Graham on the first cut. This was just after his return from Vietnam and to me his best written works ever. If you can find it, I highly suggest you pick it up.
Herve1: Do you know whether the Bear Family cds are digital versions of the original analog recordings, or are they digitally re-mastered? (I generally prefer cds that have not been re-mastered.)
Jimjoyce25: the Bear Family cd's are digital versions of the original recordings.
Very true! And they sound very good!!