Johnny Cash, American VI

I bought this on LP and CD. Neither sounds great but the LP absolutely blows. It is distorted and dark and muffled. It is so bad I suspect a pressing defect even though the vinyl looks fine.

Anyone else have an opinion?

My CD sounded as good as the others in the series, which is very good.
Sgr, I find the new album over processed and inferior to the first 5 albums.


What are you favs in the series in order of preference. I have the double LP IV which I like.

I, IV, II, III, V and ......................VI

I guess it's possible. I didn't compare to the others, but I didn't think it sounded bad, I did notice his voice sounded weaker and sadder, maybe near it's end. Perhaps Rick Rubin had to doctor it up more,or without Johnny's input and guidance things got out of control. I'll have to listen again to it soon.
Can't comment on the vinyl, but the cd I think is very well recorded.I can't see personally how for instance the tracks 'Sam Hall' or 'Tear Stained Letter' could be improved upon. He (IMHO) has chosen a few tracks unsuitable for his gruff voice namely 'Bridge over Troubled water', and 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', not too keen on 'Personal Jesus' either. Minor gripes on choice of songs, not on the quality of cd.
Gawdbless, You're confused. None of those songs are on American VI.

My Apologies, I have (on closer inspection) American IV:The Man Comes Around.
Must have had a bout of dyslexia.