Johnny Cash

Sitting here with too much time and doing some much needed listening. I cued up the American IV The man comes around, Man ! What a powerful album! Great sonics and the music is just awesome. The Nine inch nails cover of hurt was just powerful. The man definitely had what it takes to stir a soul. What are we doing to have when all the greats are gone? LOL, I reckon new greats. Johnny you are missed RIP!
I have not heard American IV but I have Johnny Cash American Recordings and the sonic qualities with his voice are just phenomenal. The growl in his voice just comes accross so well. It is a great recording. I like the songs on Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison better but recording quality is very low on the version I have.
My friend and I just spun this 2-disc vinyl set the other night. I am with you on your assessment. The man in black was still bringing it. Another vinyl release I have my eye on is his first one on American, available on vinyl. However, it is import vinyl, and goes for $30. I think The man comes around only cost me $15-$20 some time ago. Agree w/ you on the sonics too, just awesome. If the sonics on the import are equal to TMCA, I will pay $30.00 w/o reservation. Anyone heard this one. Sorry for the slight diversion.
The first album I ever bought myself was circa 1967 or so from a TV ad. It was a two record collection of cash's Sun records hits. He's always been a favorite of mine. Few artists are able to resonate with so many of so many different backgrounds, young, old, and everywhere in between as has Johnny. He sings about things that most every person can relate to in some way. Plus his ying/yang personality and life and his epathy towards the downtrodden add to his mystique and appeal.

I saw him live once back in the 70's at the Nanuet Theatre Go Round in New York State.

I still uncover new gems by cash fairly regularly, some old, some new. His is a rich vane of music that one can take a lifetime almost to explore thoroughly.

truly one of a kind and an American legend!
His American Recordings efforts are awesome, but his earlier albums are well worth seeking out too. Just check CD Universe or Amazon or GEMM for a smattering. We’ll never see an icon of his like again—at least in my lifetime. I’m listening to “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” as I type, and it’s positively chilling the amount of energy and sheer will that he Man in Black was able to summon despite being perilously close to death. One of my all-time favorites, hands down.
Always loved Johnny Cash from the time I watched his variety show as a kid. A dvd is available with all sorts of amazing musical acts he featured on his show. It is to his credit that he promoted great artists in addition to his own wonderful music. His first American Recording is a favorite, along with his classic stuff.
The first time I saw the "Hurt" video it actually brought tears to my eyes.
Watch the video of Hurt on Youtube, very moving. That song gives me chills everytime I hear him perform it
I too am a huge Cash fan, I have a lot of his stuff on vinyl. As everyone else has stated, the American Recordings series are musically and sonically brilliant.

I think I may have mentioned this in another thread, get "The Best Of The Johnny Cash TV Show - 1969-1971" DVD. It's truly a must-have for any Cash fan. Seeing and hearing him and Dylan sing "Girl from the North Country" is worth the price of the DVD alone.
Cash has one of those voices people either love or hate,like Dylan,Willie Nelson and Levon Helm.I happen to admire all of them.
Thank you for this post. I fired up the album at your suggestion and OMG are you right. Larger than life.
Favorite Johnny Cash songs anyone?

Mine is still "Pick the Wildwood Flower" I think.
There are so many great Cash songs that it's hard to pick just one. It's a tie between "Flesh And Blood" and "Sunday Morning Coming Down".
Nine Inch Nails did an amazing cover of "Hurt." I didn't really listen to Johnny's music before then, but started to and started liking (most of) what I heard. Not really a CW fan, but he transcends the tired genre.
Yes, Sunday Morning Coming Down is Up There with me also.

How's that for stage presence?
????? Newbrook- "Hurt" is a Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) song - Johnny Cash did the cover version.

I read somewhere that Trent Reznor was very sceptical of JC doing "Hurt" but Reznor changed his mind as soon as he heard it.

to me johnny is a god. r. ruben unleashed an inner soul let him do whatever he wanted.the american recordings may be his best work.saw john at the planting fields just him and his guitar.that nite i saw my higher power.this man made a mark on my life and i thank him everyday for that.
listen him sing "redemption song " with the other great joe strummer if you want to cry. this might be the best cover of bob ever.
Again, "The Best of the Johnny Cash Show" dvd is chock full of classic performances by top talent of the time, very fun to watch. Maybe not the best sound/picture, but fun all the same.
Ok guys you got me interested in exploring Johnny Cash. I bought the following from my local record stores.
Live from Austin Tx
American IV: The man comes Around
American III: Solitary Man
American IV: Ain’t No Grave

Out of these new additions to my collection I like livefromaustintx best and with a close second is SuperHits. They all are good and keepers
"Sunday Morning Coming Down" was written by Cash's good friend Kris Kristofferson,but everyone knew that,right?
I finally scored vinyl copies of all six of J Cash's American Series. Numbers one and two were hard to come by. My most treasured set of all. Dying has never been documented so well.
Dying has never been documented so well.

That's for sure Darosenb.It's eerie when you think about it.Rubin pulled out everything Cash had left in him.A must have collection in my opinion.
Do the vinyl versions sound better than the CD versions?
I have the 1st, 2nd and 5th albums on both vinyl and cd. The vinyl sounds much better than the cd on the 1st and 2nd albums. Johnny is holographic in the extreme. The sound on the 5th album is also quite good, but the quality of the vinyl leaves something to be desired.

Best song in the set = Unchained. Also worthy of note is "Aloha Oe", the last song on the last album. What an inspired selection.

But hell ...every song in the series is good.
"Dying has never been documented so well."

I think that is probably a true statement, at least in terms of music.

Cash was unique in his ability to sing about things in his life that so many can relate to. I suppose its only appropriate that he knowingly continued practically up to last breathe and that so many people (perhaps more than ever) continued to listen